Why should you use stories in your job search?

Stories are a powerful force in our lives, both the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we tell others about ourselves.

I used to hide my story when searching and applying for new jobs. I worked so hard to appear to be the "perfect candidate" that I ended up blending in.  

I read all the job search books about how to target, sound professional and hit the mark to get hired, but the only jobs that came up were jobs i wasn't interested in. 

With much hestitation, I started sharing more about my past, using my playwriting and theatre background to showcase my skills and personality. Then the good opportunities started happening. 

Your Career Story is amazing.

You need help sharing it though. 

At the base of your career story is knowing and sharing:

  • what makes you different from everyone else competing for the same job
  • what experiences make you who you are
  • what you do better than anyone else (your super skills)
  • what difference/impact you want to make on the world
  • how you want to spend your working hours (aka life energy)

Why Strategy?

Knowing your story is one thing, knowing when and how to tell it is another. We'll work together to tailor your resume, craft interview answers and strategize what to say to your network. It's often the little moves that end up making a poor impression. 

We map out how to infuse your stories into your resume, LinkedIn, networking and interview. People who know their value and how to communicate it, have smoother and more enjoyable job searches. 

You would enjoy working with me if:

* you are interested in fluff-free advice and strategy that positions you as an interesting and qualified candidate

* are looking to switch jobs (internally or externally), but not sure how to navigate the transition

* smart, educated (self-taught, experiential or institution), who follow through on plans, challenge yourself, me and the status quo

* care about making a difference in the world

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