The Career Intensive

Career Intensive

A career exploration program with:

- 3 months of private coaching + reviews 

- access to every course for  (get feedback when you need it)
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Consultations and Mentorship

Want to talk it out? Let's get on a call and figure it out. 

The Revue

Let me get eyes and brains on your under-performing resume. I'll let you know where you are missing the mark (aka why nobody is calling you)

Coaching Programs

Fringe Coaching Package

The One-Act

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One Day Career Strategy Session

You need to figure out your career story and launch now. Let's figure out your brand, story and strategy in one day. Phew! 
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Our most popular coaching program to find your career story, have your resume or profile re-written and tailored search strategy.
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Resume | LinkedIn | Job Interview Courses

Searching From Your Roots

Searching from your Roots is a 4-week online career coaching program that prepares you for active job search. 

Writing Effective Authentic Cover Letters

Write an attention-getting, vibrant cover letter that lands you job interviews.

Your Intentional LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn success is not about optimized profiles. It's about how you show up, what you want and connection. If you want to stop feeling unsure about what to write or post. If you want to know what to say to people to build connection faster and more honestly, I've got your back. This isn't a "get famous quick" class. It's a guide on how to bring the most awesome parts of you to this platform with intention, grace, and joy. As a coach, LinkedIn is my source for new business & relationships. I do it without hype. You can too.

resuMAY 2020

Nail the Interview Prep Pack

Whoa! You got the interview (which is what you wanted) but it's also making you freak out a little. I get it. Hop in this course to be ready to impress the socks out of your interview with your confidence and authentic answers. I've got your back.