Career Stories Checkup by Kerri Twigg

Career Stories Checkup

Launches on January 27th, 2020

Sometimes you just need an outside opinion

The biggest struggle people have in their job search is making poor decisions, leaving a bad impression and not even knowing about it. Sometimes, you just need someone removed from your situation to talk to. I can be that person. 

This short program gets you in with me to talk out your current career story and what impression is it leaving with potential employers. 

A career story includes:

- what you say 
- what you do 
- how you hold yourself
- what you look like on paper
- what you're trying to land
- and how that all looks to your ideal employer

Are you sure you're telling the right story?

Are you telling the right story?

I had a client share his career stories with me.⁣ He gave me fluff by sharing safe stories that typically impressed people - story after story about making big deals he closed.⁣

From the outside, he looked like a great sales guy. But, he kept on losing or quitting sales jobs. 

This meant examining those stories. 

I said, “I’m interested to know which part of the sale you most proud of? Is it closing? Is it meeting the target? Is it finding them? Is it the sales strategy?”⁣

He paused.

“To be honest, it’s the research. It’s researching the company so deeply that I know what they need before they say it. And I know what solution is most likely going to work.”⁣

“It sounds like having time to do deep research is important to you. Is it important to the places you apply to?”⁣


“Right? And when you talk with them, how often do you highlight that you’re incredible at research?”⁣

“Never. I’m selling the sell.”⁣

“Yea, but are you the sell guy?”⁣

“Nope, I’m a research & resource guy. Relationships too.”⁣

“Then that’s the story you need to start sharing. You’ve been sharing the story of a fast-moving closer. But you’re not.”⁣


“Let’s dig into that...”⁣

We did & he landed a sales job where they respected research. 

What's included?

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How the Career Stories Checkup works:

This is a fast-moving program to get answers and feedback quickly so you can get into search action. 

1. Fill out the questionnaire (I know, I know, questionnaires are kinda cold and basic), but we're trying to move quickly here. It asks you a bunch of questions about your ideal employer, what kind of job you want, what search activity you've done to date, and for you to upload your resume and/or LinkedIn profile. 

2. Book our call. I'll review all the information you shared so I have a clear idea of what you've put out there so dar. This is great because I can let you know what impression your current career story is giving off before we even talk. (Aren't you glad I studied HR?)

3. We get on the phone and talk out the strategy, I give you feedback on what is working, what needs improving and what you can do next. I'll share some resources to help you develop your stories more.  After our meeting, I'll send you a recording of the call.

4. You will receive a written recommended career course of action, so you know exactly what to do next. 

5. You do the work.

5. You have the choice to work with me 1-1 for another half hour call to review an oral story or strategy idea. Or I can review your revised resume/LinkedIn profile based on the suggestions I made. 

6. You go out into the world with a clearer idea of what to say and do and land ideal work. 

Sound good? 

Get in now.