Career Intensive by Kerri Twigg
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Career Intensive

A job search preparation program that doesn't take over your life. 
Enrollment is closed

Figure out your next move.

Have you found yourself dreading work?

When you imagined your career, you never thought it would feel like this.  You used to feel proud of your work, but lately things don't feel right.

You're committed to being of value and making a difference, but you're sure not where or how.

YOU KNOW IT CAN'T GO ON LIKE THIS. But where to start?


" I have given away my worth long enough. I KNOW I am worth MORE."

“I need to sort out my career, but I need time, space and structure for that."

"My co-workers and friends are getting tapped for opportunities, I'm awesome too, how come the recruiters aren't reaching out to me?"

"Will things get better? What do I need to change to see that they do?"

"How do I turn the time I spend worrying into something proactive?"

"I love the idea of working somewhere else, but I have no idea where."

Build a strong foundation for your search

The hardest part about job search is questioning what to do next. You question every word, conversation, move, and idea and it feels heavy.

I know this because I was there too.  Before I figured out how to embrace my strengths and tell my story, I questioned everything.

You are not overwhelmed by your job search because of lack of information. You are overwhelmed because there is a plethora of information out there, but no map.

The Career Intensive leads you through the process of:
  •  knowing your career brand and stories
  • knowing what job would be a great fit (and which to avoid)
  • how to establish your brand on your resume
  • plan a productive job search from the roots.

This is a safe place to test out ideas before you launch.

I created the Career Intensive to give you the support and framework to navigate a change and establish a career brand, along with others, like you, who are creating and testing careers brands too. 

How it works

Through years of experimenting, combined with wise mentors, a meditation practice and a foundation as an educator and playwright, I created a way to help you find your career story.

The Four Stages of Job Search Preparation:

  • Reflection
  • Testing
  • Targeting
  • Action

Here’s how it works…

1. REFLECTION: Remember, you aren't looking to land any job. You want to land a job that uses your favorite skills, in your ideal environment. You want to look forward to going to work. You cannot know what your next role needs to be without self-reflection.

The first two weeks of the Career Intensive are spent in this stage.

2. TESTING: When people take jobs without testing them first, they might be happy for 3-6 months. But then reality kicks in. It feels like:
  • I made a mistake
  • This isn't what they said it would be.  I wish I knew more before I took the job
  • I don't know how much longer I can be here
  • I don't know if I can leave now, maybe I'll stick it out 3-5 years, so I don't look like a job hopper

You'll test opportunities against values and your ideal job list. I teach you the exact conversations to have to avoid jumping into the wrong role.

You'll spend 1 week testing (sometimes this can take longer, but there is one week of content on how to do this).

3. TARGETING: Once you know what you have to offer and where you would like to work, you can tailor all of your marketing material (resume, LinkedIn, networking speaking points) for a specific job.

It takes the guesswork out of what to say in your marketing material, because you will know the right words to use.

The more targeted you are, the more appealing you look to hiring people. I know it sounds weird, but they will like your confidence so much, they will try to sell you on jobs. This is impossible without a target.

You'll spend weeks four to six working on your target.

4. ACTION: Once you have a clear career brand, you take action. The last two weeks are spent putting things into place and mapping out your next moves, so you have a search strategy that you are proud of. 

You will get continued support with the bi-weekly group calls, and online forum.

Past group calls have included:

- practicing your networking pitch
- talking out interview questions
- reviewing each other's LinkedIn profiles
- how to work with recruiters

The Career Intensive

You can start the Career Intensive anytime you are ready to take your career to the next level. Ideally 8-10 weeks before you plan on being in active job search.

This program prepares you for active search. Active search is when you are sending out resumes, networking and going to interviews.

I created this program because I had the same conversation and shared the same content with multiple clients. They didn't need a full intense coaching program -- they needed a structure to trust, resources as they went, quick responses to questions, and some help with their resume. 

You are the owner and hero of your career.  I just help you to see it for yourself.

The Career Intensive gives you eight program modules that provide a framework to define and launch your career brand.

The main program is:

Module 1: Find your Stories
Module 2: Define your Career Values 
Module 3: Target and Research Ideal Roles
Module 4: Target and Keywords
Module 5: Resume Formats
Module 6: Write a Resume
Module 7: 10 Things Every Job Search Needs
Module 8: Implement your Plan

This program includes:

- An individual call with me on any topic you want. Some people do the call at the beginning, others wait until the end. Wherever you find the most value. It could be a story analysis call, interview prep, LinkedIn strategy, how to get over yourself. I am here to help. (Value: $425 usd)

- The Eight Modules

- Fortnightly group calls for two months (this has had the most value for past participants)

- Access to the LinkedIn forum to share ideas/struggles and get feedback for three months

- Three month membership to the Mindful Career Membership (Value: $128 usd)

- Full lifetime access to every course in my library, including Nail the Interview Prep Pack ($99), Intentional LinkedIn Presence ($49), resuMAY ($199), and Writing Authentic Cover Letters ($99)

- A resume and LinkedIn review (value $300)

This goal of this program is to have you understand your value & strategic advantage, know your career story narrative, identify your ideal job target, and have a resume that communicates your new career brand. 
The Group Calls:

The group calls are to support you in your career exploration and strategy. You get individualized advice on your career stories and search strategy. 

Past participants have said they learned almost as much listening to other people's questions and my responses, as getting their own questions answered.

The calls are recorded, if you cannot attend live. If you want me to answer a question on the call, just send me it in advance. 

This program is for you if:

  • you know you need to make a career change, but not sure what kind

  • you know your resume is a little off or dated.  Nobody calls you about jobs (even when people with the same degrees and less experience get head-hunted).

  • you want to know that your career brand is consistent and something you are proud of.

  • you are looking for a structured program that doesn't take over your life.



The intensive program is less 1-1 time with me, but gives you full access to client-only material and group calls.  Each program comes with one private 1-1 coaching call on a subject of your choice + a resume review.

Through my regular coaching program, I often;

  • spend 3-10 hours working individually with clients to figure out their career stories and map out their search strategies
  • have regular weekly or bi-weekly 45-60 minute coaching sessions where we dive deep into an topic and plan a strategy around that
  • help people see, through questioning and conversations, obstacles or gaps to work through to reach their career goals.
  • Each client is supported through email or phone support for an additional 20 minutes a week, as needed.

The cost for regular coaching programs is $1,500 a month.


I get it – so many people talk about career coaching, but it's hard to know who is the real deal.

I have been hired by institutions like The University of Winnipeg to teach resume writing & job search for their PACE program, and advise their leadership how to improve the course.  I led coaching programs & workshops for three years at People First HR; and have been invited to teach & speak in communities and schools across the country. 

I have been helping people figure out their stories and how to position themselves for over 20 years, first as a drama teacher and now as a career coach. This is my favorite work to do. 

You like people with degrees? Me too! I have a B.A in Theatre, M.Ed in Humane Education and a HR Certificate. I am a certified Resume Strategist and member of the Career Professionals of Canada. 

I contributed to the resume section of the Amazon Best-selling resume search book, YouMap. 

 And I'd love to help you!


The material and methods used in the Career Intensive are designed for people who have worked for over 10 years, are do-ers, and self-motivated. 

It is the perfect support system for people who want to make sure their next move is the right one and their marketing pieces hit the mark. 

If you like the idea of forever access to the best career clarity process + a resume review + one private call with me, then this program is the best way to work with me. 


That's probably a good sign you are in the right place.  Most of my clients are senior leaders in their companies. At this point in your career, you need to take a bit of time to ensure the next step is right for you. 

While I like teaching job search basics at The University of Winnipeg, I know the people who benefit from my work have a lot of accomplishments under them, but also big questions. 


We journey this life. We share our stories with our friends. But for that thing we spend the most of our time doing—work—we don’t really convene around or journey in honest ways. Sure there are professional organizations, but we often can’t speak freely in those because there is an element of performance. So, thank you, for giving us a space to share our career stories, in the thick, in the transition, in the life. I am quite appreciative!
The content is solid, Kerri. The best part of this has been the group calls. Just listening to what other people are going through, and how they navigate the change has huge value for me. It normalizes everything. 
Thanks for providing the space, soft encouragement and wisdom to allow me to take action. Sharing your journey so openly and vulnerably also helped immensely!