The Career Mapping Master Class by Kerri Twigg

The Career Mapping Master Class

A step-by-step guide on how to create a career map to reveal hidden career patterns

Reveal your hidden career patterns

This workshop helps you reveal patterns in your career that are hidden to you. And they're often the reasons you:

- have the same conversations over and over -- even at different companies

- end up doing projects and work you dread

- undervalue your work

- feel stuck, but not sure what to do next

It's a career mapping workshop. Career mapping is a process of looking at the jobs we had (have). And why we took them, why we left them, and what it can teach us about future career moves.

We'll draw out our career histories and investigate patterns that keep popping up in our careers that don't serve us.

Bring paper and pens (or markers) with you.

What's included?

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Thanks for the amazing content. This is really helping me reflect on my career choices and on what makes me feel disappointed or demotivated in each place!

Marcela K
WOW! I adore you Kerri. Your career mapping exercise has given me a significant insight into my career and my next move. It has revealed patterns to me that now seem so obvious yet were elusive to me for decades. Thank you! 
Rosemary F.
.What I find amazing is how many times I used the words connection and creativity. How important that is to me and so many of my career moves have been around this.

Thank you for this gift. 
Uzma K.
Thanks for the amazing content. This is really helping me reflect on my career choices and on what makes me feel disappointed or demotivated in each place!
Thank you so much for this inspiring course.  

I am enjoying this journey as it is opening my eyes to some patterns that I refused to acknowledge.
Maria W
This was an INCREDIBLE exercise.  I spent four hours on it and time just simply flew by!  I feel such clarity and peace!  Very excited to job search from this place.  

Also, just wanted to thank you for your work.  I connected to you late last year before I was laid off, and although a period of crisis ensued, having been exposed to your wisdom has unearthed a layer of resilience in me that is so very precious.
Thank you for this wonderful gift. It was a useful exercise and helped me realise some of the patterns in my career choices.
I recently turned 40 and have been trying to get some clarity on my career path for most of my 30s. I've read countless books, worked with a Coach and done a lot of self-work, but this is the first exercise I've done that has given me insight into my patterns - it was eye opening in a very good way and well worth my time!
It was really helpful to do the career mapping. It really shifted in me the way that I view this job search and brought me to another level entirely. It’s hard to describe it in words right now but it’s been a total revolution.
I find your thoughts and insights down-to-earth and refreshing.
I went through a career coaching exercise a few years back (and one even before that as part of an outplacement program), but what’s interesting is they focused more on my skills and how to sell myself. Maybe not enough on finding patterns.
James T
Thank you so much for this opportunity! 
Wow, I gotta say that the questions were great and reflecting over them made me more aware of what I'm looking for in a workplace. I even saw some kind of pattern when I wrote about my first and last boss - CRAZY! 
Being able to articulate my transferable skills. I work for a think tank and it’s sometimes difficult to explain what we do and my role. As I try to switch to the private sector, I have had trouble making a direct connection to my target roles. Doing the mapping exercise helped me not only identify themes and how my previous positions have built on each other but also how to talk about my skills and experiences in a way that can be useful to future employers.
Thanks for the great exercise; it really made me think and appreciate my path and experience in a way that I hadn’t previously. Very helpful!  I still have many hours of thought about where to go next and how these themes will continue to help. 
I did not realize how powerful answering the questions you gave us and trying to map out answers would help. I have read and reviewed the questions over the last few days. I knew my strengths, what I was known for and what tasks I liked, but I did not realize nor see the commonalities among my bosses I worked well with so clearly until this evening. 
Using symbols, paper and colored pencils also really helped me come to a new realization: when I feel isolated, unsupported or unable to help staff and students grow and develop I mentally check out and become unhappy and “plan my escape”. 
requested confidentiality
I just finished the career mapping excercise. I have been writing insights non- stop since then. 
I can't stop recommending this
Paolo Otero
Doing the career mapping exercise was really enlightening. It really put some things into perspective

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How does this exercise help me?

People who attended this master class reported feeling unstuck, and seeing things in their career they had not seen when they led themselves through other career exploration exercises. 

What does this product come with?

Upon purchase you will get a recording of the Career Mapping Master Class and written instructions on creating your own career map.