Career Mindset Bundle by Kerri Twigg

Career Mindset Bundle

Four top-selling classes to get you ready to take career action.

This International Women's Day, give some love to your career

The Career Mindset Bundle is loved by some of the smartest women clients I have. It is the bundle that women compliment me on almost every week and most often say, "this is exactly what I needed to make a change." 

Truthfully, it is four hours of video content that I thought people would binge-watch and implement. But instead, women say they save them for when they have a day-off, an early Sunday morning treat, or once every month to give themselves time to soak in the inspiration.

This bundle is not here to overwhelm you, but rather to give you some tools on loving your career some more, and inspire you to take some simple actions. It works whether you have a job you mostly love, or want to make a big change. It starts with your mindset. 

Enjoy 50% off today in celebration of International Women's Day. 

Sometimes it's hard to get started.

I know how it feels to not be working in your ideal job. 

I know what it feels like to not be seen or heard.
I know what it feels like to be seen and heard, but not understood.
I know what it feels like to be seen, heard, and understood and still know I was made for even better work. 

I know because I was there. 

The jobs that used to make me happy, didn't anymore. 
The salary that used to be good enough, wasn't anymore.

If this is resonating with you, I can help.

You are not going to land ideal work by not taking action.

You land ideal work by working through your stuff, finding your awesome and making a plan. 

It's time to do this work.  
It's hard to feel motivated to even look at jobs, never mind apply for them, when you aren't celebrating your awesome.

You can do this. You can take action on your career. You need to build yourself up first.

It's hard to build momentum in your search when your day drains you. These classes help you see how awesome you are. And how worthy you are of doing work you love.

Four Classes to Improve your Career Mindset

If you are not happy, but take no action. Nothing will change.

I can't take action for you. But, I can help you to see what I see in you. I see someone who can go for their dreams. You just need support getting started.

CLASS ONE: Loving Yourself and Your Career


It is hard to make a move when you aren't proud of yourself. 

  • If all you see are the mistakes you made, it is impossible to market yourself positively.

  • If you don't think you are deserving of better work, you probably aren't going to get it.

I used to take roles that weren't great fits They were in the wrong types of companies, with the wrong people and doing work that drained me. I didn't know that I was self-sabotaging myself by taking on these roles. I thought that was what work felt like.

Once I started changing the story I told myself, it got easier. Way easier.

  • Do you want to know what projects to say no to?
  • Do you want to know what kind of work is good for you and your spirit?
  • Do want the work you do to bring you money and joy?

It starts by loving yourself. In this class, I show you a simple method you can do within the time it takes to brew coffee or tea.  This is the practice I do every single morning. 

I'd love to see you love yourself and what it does for your career.

CLASS TWO: Getting over yourself

This class examines the five ways we hold ourselves back and how we can get over ourselves to grow our careers and personal brands.

I share the five areas of your life you can examine and provide specific steps to take in each area.

If your career is not growing because you are scared of taking that first step, this class is for you.

Get over yourself, so you can get into your career. 

CLASS THREE: Career Mapping

This class has changed more client's lives than I thought was possible. 

Since recording it, people have stopped me on the street to say, "I have been trying to work on this stuff for five years, and in under an hour you made everything clear."

This class will help you reveal your career hang-ups and get you ready for action. 

CLASS FOUR: Using Story to know your Strengths

This is a Career Stories signature activity. Every private coaching program starts with this process.

Every resume, interview prep, networking or LinkedIn strategy starts with this activity.

Once you are over yourself, feeling loved and know exactly what has held you back in your career, watch this class to storymine your career and find your strengths.

You'll be in the perfect place to start taking action in your career.


$49 USD is about $65 CDN

Get all four of these classes for just $24.50 USD -- use coupon code IWD2020

Getting over yourself

Loving Yourself and Your Career: The Master Class

In this master class we examined: - how to love yourself even when you don't like your job (or are unemployed) - how to find out what makes you awesome - a short meditation technique that you can do anywhere - how to separate your self-worth from your less-than-ideal reality

The Career Mapping Master Class

This master class shows you how to find career patterns that keep you stuck and held back in your career. This workshop helps you reveal patterns in your career that are hidden to you. And they're often the reasons you: - have the same conversations over and over -- even at different companies - end up doing projects and work you dread - undervalue your work - feel stuck, but not sure what to do next It's a career mapping workshop. Career mapping is a process of looking at the jobs we had (have). And why we took them, why we left them, and what it can teach us about future career moves. We'll draw out our career histories and investigate patterns that keep popping up in our careers that don't serve us. Bring paper and pens (or markers) with you.

Using Story to Find Your Strengths

Don't start your search from looking at what jobs are available. Doing that can do this to your career: - limits yourself by what is available right now - defines and boxes you into a role, without paying attention to what you need in your next role. If you left a job because you were unsatisfied, you are repeating history - hinders your ability to show your uniqueness. If you're not landing roles where you think "but I am perfect, I had all the qualifications", that's the problem. Instead, start with your stories. Use your work accomplishment stories to show your strengths, and then find work that involves your skills. This master class shows you how to mine your stories to find your strengths.