Make a Career Plan (you'll actually follow) by Kerri Twigg

Make a Career Plan (you'll actually follow)

A guide on creating a career plan you actually want to follow

A dream without a plan, is just a dream.

I'm not interested in building career plans that look good on paper, but not in your life. They need to help you reach your career dreams.

When I career plan with people, we start with two things:

1. The Career Deam

2. Skills and strengths

From there, you can plot action points, networking moves, courses to take, things to say, etc. But it starts with meaning and reality.

If you're not sure what you want to do next in your career or business, join us to learn a framework to plan it out.

By the end of the class you will know:

- exercises & meditations to get clear on your career dream 

- how to identify and assess the strengths you can use to take action on your career plan

- how to build fail-proof ways to stick to your career plan

By the end of the class you will feel inspired to map out your next career moves and have a plan that works for your life.  Let's make things happen for you.

What's included?

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Creating a Career Plan: Master Class
60 mins
10 Things Every Job Search Needs
26.3 KB
Creating a Career Path.pdf
532 KB
Meditations on Getting Clear on the Dream Job
Your ideal people
5 mins
Your ideal place to work
8 mins
how to you want to feel when you are at work.mp3
5 mins