One Day Career Strategy Session by Kerri Twigg

You're already doing the right work, but you want the story to match.

You’ve already done everything right to have the job and position you want.
  • you've done self-reflection and you know what ideal work is for you
  • you have a job you enjoy doing
  • and you have a team of people who trust your leadership and ideas

But, you're not happy with just the title. You know you could connect with people in an deeper way if you incorporated story into your work.

You're right.

Leaders who use stories are incredible.

I'm sure you've read all the research on why stories work. You might have even read a few storytelling books to try and tell better stories.

Stories work by:

  • creating emotional connection between the teller and the listener (you and your staff or stakeholders)
  • building trust and understanding (this is why story works so well in change management)
  • stimulating a part of the brain that is connected with memory and meaning. (stroke this and they'll remember you)
  • being a pleasure to hear.

You absolutely need to pratice, but the books don't tell you what to practice or what stories are going to resonate with your people. 


The One Day Career Strategy Session helps people like find their core career story + what to tell the people you serve.

You don't need a month-long coaching program to do this work. In just a few hours with me, we'll get it all planned out so you can start sharing the right career story to grow your career and people.

Choose from Internal or External Career Stories

There are two common ways to work with me:


Some clients choose to work with me because they want their LinkedIn presence to be stronger. They are admired in their company, but no one else knows them. We use this program to launch your strategy to potential partners & grow your rep. Usually these clients have the goal of being asked to speak or sit on special committees.


Some people work with me because they have a leadership role. 
It might be they want to inspire their team to do amazing work and want to try their hand at stories.

At other times I worked with people who were not liked at work. For that, we work together to figure out what's stopping people from trusting your leadership and find the right stories to share with them. 

The Process:

This is a fast-moving program to get answers and feedback quickly so you can start sharing stories.

1. Buy the program and book your first call to get it into my calendar (it's so nice to see you there!)

2. I'll send you a list of questions I need to start my work, like who you want to share stories with & what's been done to date. You'll be asked to start keeping a simple story journal to prep for your work (about a 5 day process).

3. We get on the phone. You share stories. I share insights about what I'm seeing about your career story. We'll talk about what you're trying to move to people to do from your stories. We set a time later in the day to re-connect on the phone. 

4. You take a short break and I start to draft a career stories strategy for you. I share this plan with you to make sure I'm on the right track. 

5. You relax, unwind, or whatever it is you like to do, while I create a master story strategy for you. 
It will include:
  • keywords and phrases to start using everywhere
  • Your three strength career-stories brand 
  • the exact steps and content to create to bring credibility and consistency to your rep
  • resources on how to update your LinkedIn profile and networking intro with this new story.

6. You feel an immense relief as you now know exactly what to do. You implement the plan. 

7.  We set a follow-up meeting when you've had time to practice saying your story aloud.  You'll share the story live with me and I give you detailed feedback on how to make their stronger. 

There is a short training program to help with this. 

8. You go out into the world with a clearer idea of what to say and do and truly own the incredible leader you are.

Sound good?  Let's do this!

One Day Career Strategy Session