Crafting Career Experiments by Kerri Twigg

Do you know the secret of successful careers?

People test things out. They see their work as a constant experiment, where they try out projects, ideas and skills.

You can do this whether you are employed or unemployed. 

Is part of your 2020 plan is to breathe life and meaning into your career?

This August, join Kerri Twigg to learn different ways you can experiment in your career, how to know which one to try and how to get over the fear of taking action on your career.

All through online discussions, live calls and immediately usable resources. 

Class Delivery

This class is delivered over one month in August 2020.

Kerri has been crafting career experiments her entire career, and led thousands of others to do it too. She'll give you the best steps to take, and advice on what to say and do. You'll have a basic plan to follow to finally take action on your career dreams. 

Share your career experiment ideas, progress and questions in the live discussion space. This builds accountability and community. Check in each week to share your progress and get tips along the way.

Join Kerri and others on two live calls. Ask questions, get feedback and be inspired by others on the call.

August 5 at 9:30 AM CST
August 26 at 6:30 PM CST


  1. An one-hour training video on crafting career experiments
  2. The 10 possible selves worksheet (to get ideas on what to test).
  3. Three new ways to introduce yourself at networking events guide
  4. Informational interview questions
  5. A meditation that Kerri uses to make gut decisions.

About the importance of testing in your career.

The testing phase of career development is often overlooked and yet plays the largest role in helping you know what to do, and what not to do next. While the attraction of immediate career clarity is understandable, that isn't based on seeing ourselves as human. Humans tend to know if we like or dislike something when we're doing it. Even if we have incredible imaginations, nothing beats feeling or talking about an option. 

You'll be led through a process to:

  • choose what you should test/experiment 
  • learn different methods of career testing
  • choose the method that works best for your situation
  • do the test
  • compile the results
  • make a decision (have a path or build another experiment)

What's included?

Video Icon 2 videos File Icon 3 files


Crafting Career Experiments
58 mins
Worksheet 2.1 Your Possible Selves.pdf
403 KB
Worksheet 3.2 Networking Introductions.docx
30 KB
322 KB
Meditation for making decisions.mp4
7 mins

Crafting Career Experiments

How to craft experiments to figure out your next career move

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