The Creative Resume by Kerri Twigg
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Who I built this class for:

COVID-19 has not been easy for creatives

I know, I know, it hasn't been easy for anyone, but the creative field has been hit hard. Especially the people who worked as performers. Or artists. Or collaborative makers. 

It was never easy to land creative work in these fields in the first place. And, now the spaces where you worked aren't even open. And, likely won't open for some time. 

Your skills and strengths are valuable and useful for a myriad of jobs (that won't feel like your soul is being sucked out). I'd like to help you figure out what that is & land it. 

And, of course creatives come in all sectors

At the same time, I'm hearing from people who work as analysts, HR Directors, business consultants and lawyers who say, "I know my title is x, but I'm really a  creative."

You're finding that the more you play it safe, the worse the offers get. You're ready to show your creative side on your resume.

Beautiful, I'm here for that.


I built this 2.5 week course for creatives who want to highlight their creativity on their resume to land ideal work. 

I classify a creative as anyone who does work unconventionally or in a new way. You probably do this with ease. 

Creatives typically are

  • the people who see the gaps in existing programs or processes and make recommendations
  • known for connecting two unrelated ideas in a new way that improves a service or product
  • frustrated when the people around them have low standards or happy to coast
  • the ones making a difference in organziations and not getting the credit
  • a bit too humble for their own good, and get passed off for dreamy projects 
  • coming up with ideas and solutions to old problems
  • underselling themselves in their job search by playing too far outside the box of expectations (too much of a wildcard) or playing it too safe (you bland (blend in so mch you look bland) 

The course process

This 2.5 week course will walk you through how to figure out what makes you awesome, and what kind of job would work for you based on that awesome, and then how to build a resume to land it.

The first week is spent doing the first two steps of the Career Stories Method, with a bit of self-love work mixed in there.

Week 2 focuses on will be spent finding ideal work to apply to and writing your resume.

The final week is spent making micro-edits and creating a career story launch plan.

If you follow the program, and commit to 3-4 hour of writing work each week, you will have:

  • a revised and clear career story
  • a target role to go for
  • a resume that hits the point of your target role/industry, plus the knowledge on how to edit it in the future

In under three weeks, you'll love how you look on paper. 

Program Delivery

The class is delivered through daily content, an online forum and three live calls. Each day you will have a short task to complete and the option to share with the cohort. 

Your role

A big part of this work is actually doing the work. So you'll need:

  • 3-4 hours a week for this program 
  • to share stories with the group in the group forum
  • provide brief (one paragraph) of feedback to two other participants each week 
The way I teach resume writing is fun and creative, but it works best when you do the work. Part of building your resume writing skills is reading and understanding the different ways to talk about work in a resume. You learn this best by seeing the actual work in progress.

The Creative Resume

Write a resume that highlights your creative skills in just 2.5 weeks.  You'll love how you look on paper.

Class starts September 14th.

All prices are in USD
Enrollment is closed


I've heard a lot about ATS and keywords, will the resume I write be compliant with that?

Yes. I am not a big fan of graphic resumes and most people who land senior creative roles have normal looking resumes with great relevant stories. If you don't plan on applying for anything online, and want to make a visual resume, you can. The process is the same though. 

Does this class come with a private resume review?

You can expect peer feedback and some light comments from me (Kerri). If you are looking for a full resume review, you can purchase a resume review add-on when you buy this program. I'll review completed resumes in the beginning of October.

How much work experience do I need for this program?

This process works best with people who have over 15 years of work experience. It can be in or outside the creative sector. Often new grads (without any work experience) find this process challenging. 

If you are making a career pivot from uncreative work to creative work, this process will work for you.   

Why creatives?

Creatives often undersell themselves or use original language that is a resume miss. I think it's a disservice to creatives to try and get you to write something that doesn't highlight your value for a company.  

I'm a creative and know that positioning myself in a new way helped other people to see how my creativity helped them. This changed my career radically and I'd love for it to help yours too.