The 7-day Career Stories Challenge by Kerri Twigg

The 7-day Career Stories Challenge

Your career story will land you ideal work. Find the ones that matter.

If you want to explore your career stories will help you find:

·       work you love
·       work you are exceptional at
·       work that makes your heart sing
·       work that sets you apart from other people 
·       the real difference you make in the world

This course is for you

About the 7-day challenge

We start with stories because you deserve to have work that helps the most people, without draining you. You can feel amazing in your career. 

The tools are simple. You just need:
  •  a space to be quiet for about 5-10 minutes
  • A pen or pencil
  • Something to wrote on -- if you have index cards, those are ideal, but paper or a notebook works too

How the 7-day Career Stories Challenge works:

  • Once you register you get immediate access to the first day of guidance -- delivered through audio recording and written prompts.

  • A new guidance & prompt will be available every day for the seven days. This challenge delivered through drip-content. If you want an email letting you know when new content is available, please give permission when you sign up. If you don't want emails, you can still access the class by checking in every day.

  • After the seven days, you'll get a short class on how to use the stories in your career development & suggested paths based on your career reality.

Stories work to help you have the career you have always dreamed of. But, you need to find the right ones first.

Your career is part of who you are, it's a beautiful expression of your skills, values and interests.

I'm not interested in helping you land any job, I'm here to help you figure out you and help you land ideal work.

It starts by gathering your career stories.

The 7-day Career Stories Challenge

The first step in knowing your career story brand.