The 7-day Career Stories Challenge by Kerri Twigg

The 7-day Career Stories Challenge

Before you use stories to land ideal work, find the ones that matter.

Find your core career stories in just seven days.

About the 7-day challenge

Before you talk with people about making a career transition, whether it's to find a new job or start your own business, you want to make sure you know what stories to share.

You learn that by gathering and examining personal work stories.

This free Career Stories challenge gives you daily prompts on how to find your career stories and what they can tell you about your career brand. 

We start with stories because they are full of clues on:

  • work you love
  • work you are exceptional at
  • work that makes your heart sing
  • work that sets you apart from other people 
  • the real difference you make in the world

We start with stories because if you don't know what makes you awesome, how can you possibly sell yourself?

We start with stories because you deserve to have work that helps the most people, without draining you. You can feel amazing in your career. 

The tools are simple. You just need:
  •  a space to be quiet for about 5-10 minutes
  • A pen or pencil
  • Something to wrote on -- if you have index cards, those are ideal, but paper or a notebook works too

The Career Stories Method

The entire Career Stories Method is a series of 10-steps. It begins with story gathering to find out what makes you awesome. That's what you'll figure out in this class.

Once you know these stories, you use them to figure out what ideal work is for you, and you use them in your resume, LinkedIn, networking and interviews.

This challenge shows you exactly how to do step one; gather your career stories to figure out what makes you awesome.

How the 7-day Career Stories Challenge works:

  • Once you register you get immediate access to the first day of guidance -- delivered through audio recording and written prompts.

  • A new guidance & prompt will be available every day for the seven days. This challenge delivered through drip-content. If you want an email letting you know when new content is available, please give permission when you sign up. If you don't want emails, you can still access the class by checking in every day.

  • After the seven days, you'll get an invite on how to use the stories in your career development & suggested paths based on your career reality.

Before you begin this process with me, you should know some things.

I think it's best to take advice, especially career advice from people who have similiar values and outlooks to ourselves. That means, if you are looking for a quick fix, scripts to follow, or hiring cheats, you should look elsewhere. I don't teach that.

If you understand that your career is part of who you are, and an expression of your skills, values and interests, you are welcome here. I will show you how to figure out what you're awesome at & which work is right for you. And, once we know that, we can work on figuring out how to land you ideal work that you love and pays you incredibly well.

 I'm not interested in helping you land any job, I'm here to help you figure out and land the right work for you.

 Here's what I believe are the new rules of work. In order to have an awesome career, you must:

  1. Remember to take time to build mindfulness in a way that works best for you.
  2. Share stories. Big ones, small ones, smart ones, and silly ones.
  3. Know your values and go for roles that are appropriate for your disposition.
  4. Be alert and pay attention to shifts in the company and world culture. Be aware of potential skills gaps and address them before they address you.
  5. Remember that work is bigger than just what you need, that as much as possible your work contributes to making the world a better place.
  6. That it is far harder and more painful to do work alone, seek to collaborate with others to everyone’s benefit.
  7.  Take jobs that do not cause purposeful harm to people, animals, culture or the environment.
  8. Befriend and network with people outside of your sector.
  9. Understand that there are multiple jobs or sectors you could thrive in. You don’t need to be scared of making the wrong job choice if you base your choice on your values, skills and ideal work culture. They can all be an adventure.
  10. Remember that similar to bodies, careers come in all shapes and sizes. You determine what size and shape best suits you.

Are you ready to figure out your awesome in just 7 days?

Awesome, get writing now.