Deep Search: 1-1 Coaching Package by Kerri Twigg

Deep Search: 1-1 Coaching Package

Launches on February 3rd, 2020

The rules of job search have changed.

The new expectation is that you know what you're awesome at and what you want to do next in your career. 

Not only do you know it, but you model it every where and say it with confidence. 

If you haven't been doing that, I can help.


You'll be guided through a four-step method to find and launch your career story.


Over 1-1 meetings we will determine your career brand, update your marketing materials and build a customized search strategy for you.  

01. Gather and Ground

We start by gathering your stories, career dreams and accomplishments. 

You get clarity on what kind of work energizes you, and what that that might look like professionally. 

The story work done here sets the foundation for your whole career story.

02. Create & Strategize

Uncover the stories your ideal company needs to hear from you. Infuse your resume and social media bios with these stories.

Embrace this new feeling of confidence and learn the strategy of creating a memorable impression on paper, in-person and online.


Once your stories are on paper and/or social media, you need to be able to tell them well verbally.

We'll spend a call or two rehearsing the stories you'll tell at networking events and in interviews. I'll show you how to make them stronger and a pleasure to tell, while leaving a memorable impression with everyone who meets you.

It absolutely helps that I've taught drama for 20 years and can help you show up authentically in person. 


The phase people love the most. This is where you go out and apply for opportunities. You know exactly what to say and do. 

You know what you want work-wise.
You know what to say.
You know your worth. 


Deep Search is right for you if you:

  • are not landing interviews using your existing resume 
  • have a weak or underdeveloped LinkedIn presence 
  • have difficulty identifying or communicating your skills professionally 
  • don’t know how to tell your story in a cohesive way that is sticking with people
  • land interviews but don't  get offers 
  • do not have a clear career brand 
  • want to feel more confident at interviews and networking events
  • receive job offers or calls from recruiters but not for the right type or level of work  

What to expect

In Deep Search you will:

  • Receive personal analysis of your career search experience to date & pinpoint what needs to change in your current career search 
  • Distill your career brand into marketable stories that stand out to employers 
  • Understand how to communicate your value so you can land an ideal job in a chosen industry 
  • Update your resume and LinkedIn profile with the new career brand
  • Receive a customized LinkedIn content & networking strategy that differentiates you from others in your industry 
  • Know how to answer Behavioural Descriptive Interview (BDI) questions with clarity and confidence and earning the most points on the grading rubric
  • Receive training and resources on how to answer “Tell me about Yourself” 
  • Be fully prepared for an interview by participating in a mock interview where you receive customized feedback  

Want to talk about it first?

If you're considering this coaching program, let's hop on a call and make sure it is a great match first.  Book it here.

All prices listed are in USD.

$3,500 USD is about $4,600 CDN.  GST is included in the program cost.