Find Your Career Stories Bundle by Kerri Twigg

Find Your Career Stories Bundle

A two-pack introduction to the Career Stories method.

Your job duties & description are the least interesting thing about you.

And yet, when it’s time to write a resume, LinkedIn profile or introduce yourself, that’s where most people start.⁣

⁣But not you, right?

Masterclass One: The Career Mapping Master Class

Start with my most popular and career-changing class - The Career Mapping Master Class. This one hour recorded class walks you through the process of examining your career patterns through writing or drawing.

Unexamined career patterns affect career decisions.  Your attachment to old thoughts or ideas about why things happened can stop you from taking your career to a new place. The power of reflecting and investigating allows you to fact-check your values, plus stop telling yourself stories that don't serve you anymore.

This class walks you through:

  • how to make a career map

  •  deep questions to ask yourself to see hidden patterns 

  • guidance on seeing the future of your career differently

  • a simple way to do deep career work without it taking weeks or months -- you identify patterns and figure it out in an hour

A few months ago, a woman stopped me at a networking event. 

HER: I took your master class on career mapping and I have to thank you. There were things that held me back for more than a decade. 

ME: Whoa, that's great to hear.

HER: I'm serious. It's not that I wasn't having a successful career, but I didn't like how I felt at work. And this helped me to see what I was constantly doing that triggered that feeling. It helped me go to my manager and discuss a change, and now I feel great.

ME: I love hearing stories like this. I'm glad it worked for you.

Masterclass Two: Using Story to Know your Strengths

This masterclass introduces you to the first steps of the Career Stories Method that I talk about in my TedX talk.

This class walks you through:

  • the process of finding your career stories

  • how to identify the skills and strengths you bring to any job, regardless of sector

  • what to do with the stories and strengths once they've been identified

In The Career Stories Method, the work done in this class prepares you for everything else in your career growth.

Some people use this class as a career check-up to ensure they are using their strengths as much as they want to in their current job.

Other people use this class as the first step in their job search.

From this class, they take things like Your Intentional LinkedIn Presence resuMAY or Nail the Interview Prep Pack to further master their story in their job search. 

It all starts with the method explained in this master class.

All Prices are in USD. $28 USD is about $38 CDN.

What's included?

The Career Mapping Master Class

This master class shows you how to find career patterns that keep you stuck and held back in your career. This workshop helps you reveal patterns in your career that are hidden to you. And they're often the reasons you: - have the same conversations over and over -- even at different companies - end up doing projects and work you dread - undervalue your work - feel stuck, but not sure what to do next It's a career mapping workshop. Career mapping is a process of looking at the jobs we had (have). And why we took them, why we left them, and what it can teach us about future career moves. We'll draw out our career histories and investigate patterns that keep popping up in our careers that don't serve us. Bring paper and pens (or markers) with you.

Using Story to Find Your Strengths

Don't start your search from looking at what jobs are available. Doing that can do this to your career: - limits yourself by what is available right now - defines and boxes you into a role, without paying attention to what you need in your next role. If you left a job because you were unsatisfied, you are repeating history - hinders your ability to show your uniqueness. If you're not landing roles where you think "but I am perfect, I had all the qualifications", that's the problem. Instead, start with your stories. Use your work accomplishment stories to show your strengths, and then find work that involves your skills. This master class shows you how to mine your stories to find your strengths.