Fringe Coaching Package by Kerri Twigg

Fringe Coaching Package

For the independent career explorer:

  •  Learn what makes you awesome for a specific job with a private career analysis
  • Write your own resume for a specific opportunity based off your career analysis and have it professionally reviewed 
  • Further hone your career story with a coaching session (most often LinkedIn strategy or interview prep).

It's like creating your own Fringe show, but for your career.

Let's Fringe.

All prices are in USD

Fringe your job search

The Fringe Coaching Program is inspired by Fringe Theatre, a movement of independent artists who chose to self-produce and market their plays. Fringe is like the DIY of theatre, often unconventional, bare-bones and memorable.

I love Fringe Theatre because the creators don't wait for a theatre or approval, they have an idea and make it happen. The same can work for you and your job search copy. You have ideas about what you want to say. You mostly trust your writing ability and like to own your work.

I love people who trust their creative abilities.

I believe you are capable of writing dynamic and interesting work, in this case, a resume. I’ll be like a great director & help you tell a good story. You write. I guide. It’ll be a great show!


You'll be guided through a three-step method of career story building and strategy.


01. Career Analysis

This is my favorite work.

Imagine this...

  • You know what job you want to land (or you even already got tapped for it) but you're not completely sure what to highlight about your skills and experience
  • You spend a few days writing out stories of work you are proud of using the Career Stories Method (it's easy, and I give you clear instructions)
  • We hop on a call where I listen to you share your stories. I ask questions, you leave feeling heard and seen. 
  • You sit back and relax, and the next day I send you a break-down of what your strategic advantage is, what to highlight in your resume and networking calls, and your career  story through-line.
  • You know exactly how to position yourself for the target role.

02. Resume Strategy

Based off the Career Analysis, we get busy crafting your resume.

- I'll send out a list of keywords and points you need on your resume for a specific role

- You spend a few days writing your resume (don't worry, I send you a guide to make it easier)

- You send your resume to me and 

  •  sit back as I review it. I make suggested edits and advise what will make it stronger.  I'll ensure the resume is ATS and human friendly. 

  • You review my suggestions and make the desired edits. 

  • I review it one last time before you apply for the job. 

  • You feel confident that your resume hits the exact mark it needs to, while communicating your career story.


Your program ends with a coaching call. It can be used to:

  • develop a LinkedIn strategy and content plan
  • do interview prep or a mock interview
  • create a networking strategy
  • launch a new service or offer (for business owners)
  • rehearse and get feedback on stories or presentations
  • negotiation practice or strategy
  • or anything else career related

You leave feeling confident in your career stories and have a plan on how to use them.

**if you need more time with me after this session, you can purchase more sessions for $350/session.

Hey! Does it need to be a resume? I have a website, blog, medium profile etc....does this work for entrepreneurs too?

If you like the idea of having me analyze your work stories, but it's to land ideal clients instead of a job, I can do that too. We'll decide at the start of the program what writing piece you'd like advice on. It could be:
  • your about page
  • LinkedIn profile
  • company profile anywhere
  • or copy for a course you're selling 
As long as it's about 3 pages of text, I can review that. 

We can use the strategy call for business strategy. Easy.