From Entrepreneur to Employee by Kerri Twigg

Working for yourself is awesome, until it isn't, right?

I get it. If you have figured out for yourself that it's time to get a job-job, but you're not sure how to do it, take this class.

It will cover:
  • how to figure out your transferable skills
  • how to know what job and company is right for you
  • figuring out what stories to share with potential employers
  • new ways to introduce yourself as you launch your job search
This class will give you the exact actions to take to set up your job search mindfully. Start doing the work, instead of questioning the how. 

It's okay if working for yourself is not working for you.

Self-employment and entrepreneurship are sometimes sold as the ideal way to work. The truth is that people can find work happiness, satisfaction and meaning in regular jobs too. 

I used to work with a freelance stage manager at a theatre. My memory of her was seeing her dash around the theatre, run from site-to-site, and she always seemed to be rushing. I ran into her a few weeks ago and she was calm. I said something like, "you seem a lot more content now, what changed?" and she said, "I got a day-job. I make a decent and steady income, I have evenings to myself, I go to the theatre for the joy of it, and I'm happier."

That's what day jobs can do for people.

Just because your work has been untraditional, doesn't mean you have to start at entry-level.

A lot of burnt-out entrepreneurs lose hope when they don't get called for interviews. Sometimes that can lead you to think you only qualify for entry-level work. It's not true in most cases. 

I can help you figure out how to position your work experience to land more specialized roles. 

From Entrepreneur to Employee

How to start a job search when you've had untraditional work.

You can land ideal work.

A lot of jobs will be a great match for your experience, interest, skills, values and work style. Join me in the class to figure out the first steps to take towards ideal work. 

I'm excited to see you there.