Our most popular one-to-one program to find and define your career stories and job search strategy. Includes resume creation, job search strategy and on-going email support until you land.  

Welcome to the Immersive

This program is inspired by the Immersive Theatre movement, a dramatic style that encourages interaction in unconventional performance spaces. This program is for the job seeker looking for a less conventional job search program, one that uses stories and encourages interaction with your ideal company. 

The Immersive program invites you to bring all your unique career experiences and challenges together to form a new career brand. We work together to privately determine what stories are significant and what needs to change to land ideal work. 

You share your stories. 

I write a resume and cover letter that has your voice. 

And then we talk out how to use it in your search.  And, you get on-going email support for as long as you are in a job search. 

You'll know your career stories and how to use them to land ideal work. All while being supported by me. 

How it works:

You'll be guided through a three-step method of career story building.


Over a series of interactions we will determine your career brand, update your marketing materials and build a customized search strategy for you.  

Career Story Analysis

This is my very favorite work, imagine this...

- you spent a few days writing out your career stories (don't worry, I send you prompts to make it easy) 

- we get together on a call where you share all your career highlights and disappointments

- I help you to see what is awesome about you and salvageable for a job search. 

- You leave feeling seen, heard and with hope about your next career move. 

It feels a little bit like magic. This is the best work I do. But because job search is more than knowing your story, we then move into...

Creating & Strategizing

I take all the stories we talked about in the Career Analysis session and I write you a resume (yes,it'll be ATS-friendly), cover letter  and LinkedIn profile.

We stay in communication throughout, your voice absolutely matters in this process -- it's immersive after all.

Once you have all the marketing pieces in place, we have a final call to talk out how to use the resume and your career stories in your LinkedIn strategy and your action plan. 

You'll have everything you need for a successful search. 

03. Activate

You'll be living the new version of your career story.  You'll be confidently applying for ideal roles, going to interviews and networking confidently using your stories.

And if questions come up in your job search, simply email me during office hours and I'll give you my best advice.

You're not alone in this search. 


* Receive personal analysis of your career search activities to date and pinpoint what needs to change in the current search 

* Distill your career brand into marketable stories that stand out 
* Be fully supported as I update your marketing materials to sound like you and highlight your skills 

* Understand how to communicate your value so you can land ideal work in your chosen industry 

* Get resources, advice, and support to develop your career story and strategy.  


Immersive works best if you:

  • Want clarity on your current career story 

  • Want to share a consistent career message about your values and strengths
  • Feel like you are underselling yourself and want to have more confidence to land your next role

  • Prefer having a Certified Resume Strategist write your resume and LinkedIn profile for you instead of doing it yourself

  • Want to feel more confident with how you show up in your sector, either as a employee or entrepreneur

  • Are ready to experience a shift in your career by taking action and doing the work

  • Appreciate having access to a trusted expert through email. If you think you need more help in preparing for interview or networking strategy, EPIC might be a better fit. 


All prices shown are in USD.