Nail the Interview Prep Pack by Kerri Twigg

You can land the job.

This course has one goal: to help you ace your job interview — and get the job offer.

This course is for you if:

  • you want to leave a memorable impression at the interview
  • are not sure what your body language says about you
  • want to give impactful answers
  • you want to feel confident at the job interview
  • you want to make the best impression possible, while sounding like yourself
  • you want to land jobs based on your qualifications and stories

Nail the Interview Prep Pack

Be "interview ready" in under 2 hours

The same content as a private call, but for way less money.

You have an interview soon and don't have the time to comb through multiple articles on best interview practices. You need a process to dive into and an easy way to prepare.

I made this Interview Prep Pack to help people feel prepared for an interview in the least amount of time possible. 

In this courses you'll learn...

  • How to answer the most important question; "Tell me about yourself". You get a five step guide with samples.

  • How to identify which questions they'll ask at the job interview

  • How to turn everyday stories into strong interview answers using the SOAR method

  • Simple body-language tweaks you can make to appear confident

  • How to rehearse answers without sounding rehearsed

  • Great questions to ask the interviewer that don't sound like you googled "best questions to ask at an interview"

  • Successful ways to calm yourself the day of the job interview

PLUS! A mock interview training toolkit

This courses has a section just for a friend or family member to do a mock interview with you.

They'll quickly learn...

  • how to assess your body language

  • how to assess your interview answers using the SOAR matrix

  • to watch for the 5 most common interview mistakes and how to coach you if you make them

  • how to use the included "Interview Asssessment Check list" to provide valuable feedback to you

By the end of the course, you’ll have a clear path forward, a new way of preparing for interviews
and all the secrets to getting a job offer.

What's included?

Video Icon 7 videos File Icon 11 files Text Icon 8 text files

What you get!

How to prepare for an interview
Gather your stuff
2 mins
For those with a rehearsal partner
Determine Your Angle
The Thing About Interviews.mp3
5 mins
Preparing for the screening interview
42 mins
Interview questions
What questions will they ask at the interview.mp4
9 mins
The SOAR method: short version
10 mins
The art of the SOAR story masterclass: long version
SOAR table
17.9 KB
How to answer Tell Me About Yourself: short version
9 mins
How to answer Tell me about Yourself: masterclass version
Tell Me About Yourself.docx
37.7 KB
How to rehearse your "Tell me about yourself"
Other interview questions
Making a Great First Impression
Making an awesome first impression
11 mins
Your interviewer
Questions to ask
Asking questions
The Salary Question
For the Interviewer
You are awesome!
2 mins
5 interview mistakes.mp3
5 mins
How to use the checklist to assess the candidate
8 mins
Interview prep list.docx
12.2 KB
Extras! Pep and some woo.
Job Interview Pep Talk
Imagine yourself entering the space the day before
Amy Cuddy on body language
First vs 3rd interview.mp3
5 mins


" I know I am qualified for this role, but I'm not saying the right things."

"I just want to feel like myself at the interview. I get nervous and my answers are all over the place.  Can't they just give me the job without this process? I can do the job."

"People with less experience than me are getting job offers, I'm awesome too, what are they doing at the job interview that I'm not?"

"I have no problem getting called for an interview, but I don't get past the first phase. I don't get feedback from HR, so how can I improve?"

"If i just knew what they ask at the interview, I could prep great answers."

"When I answer questions at the job interview, it's like the interviewers are expecting more. What am I missing?"

"I've never been to an interview at this level, what's going to be different than 8 years ago?"

You can be incredible at your interview

You can show up as yourself. Speak as you do. Use your own words. Share your favorite stories. And leave the interviewers excited about you. 

Once you know the methods to prepare for the modern interview, you'll be confident talking about yourself to anyone. It's not bragging. It's helping others to see how you help them. You've got this.