Level Up Your LinkedIn Bundle by Kerri Twigg

Level Up Your LinkedIn Bundle

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You have a LinkedIn profile...now what?

If you took the Your Intentional LinkedIn Presence (or you built a profile and small following on your own) and you think, "cool, now what?"

A lot of people feel great about how they're showing up on LinkedIn, but now they want to make money at it or get more leads. Being intentional and getting a few likes is different than getting hired from the content you share.

When I was named a LinkedIn Top Voice in 2018 by LinkedIn, plus named on several lists as "the top 10 career coaches to follow on LinkedIn", it felt great.

It felt even better when people started to ask me to be in
their books, podcasts and conferences.

And, it felt even better when my ideal clients hired me and my practice filled with incredible people.

There's having a presence. And then there is building a thriving business.

While I love and stand by everything I teach in the Your Intentional LinkedIn Presence course, that class was geared mainly for job seekers and people who are new to LinkedIn.

People saw such great success in putting those strategies into place that they started asking me how they could make more money and leverage their LinkedIn action even more.

Since then I have worked with coaches and other solo business owners to help them build up a LinkedIn presence that land them ideal clients.

LinkedIn is my #1 place to land new clients and help people know me and my work. It's an essentially free place to do this, if you know what to do. 

I have bundled together three classes to help you level your LinkedIn, build your business brand and get more clients.


What's included?

Creating a Video Series That Confirms Your Expert Status

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Setting up and growing your LinkedIn company page

Telling your LinkedIn coaching story