Your Intentional LinkedIn Presence by Kerri Twigg

LinkedIn Matters

How you appear on LinkedIn matters. It doesn't matter if you are employed, unemployed, or self-employed.  LinkedIn has grown from being the "the place you drop your resume" to a place where you can have fun, deep and life-changing conversations.  (And make serious money.)

It used to be the only way to get a company take notice was to send a resume or know someone.

Now, you can use LinkedIn to showcase all your amazingness right where decision makers hang out.


This goes beyond your LinkedIn profile. This is your chance to reach through screens to spark ideas, share experiences and connect with professionals. 

You want to look and feel your best on LinkedIn.

You want to look and feel like you.

You can do that. I'M HERE TO HELP.

I've helped coaches, lawyers, creative directors, human resource officers,  freelance artists, sales managers, real estate agents, and marketing directors get intentional about how they use LinkedIn.


What we cover

This master class includes:

- how to create and write an intentional LinkedIn profile

- how to create a LinkedIn content strategy that resonates with your target audience

- how to make the best use of networking opportunities

This course is delivered through:

1 video recording that outlines the whole process

4 weeks of short workbooks to build your strategy intentionally. Each week you get access to new material.

It breaks down like this:

Week 1: Intentional goal setting: Why are you on LinkedIn?

Most people know they should be on LinkedIn, but they're not sure why. This week you'll focus on getting clarity on why you are on the platform and what you hope will result from your work.

Week 2: The Profile

⁣⁣⁣⁣This week will be all about the LinkedIn profile and how to use it to promote your big goal and career brand. I break down how to write a profile in your own voice.

Week 3: The Target Audience

Who is your target on LinkedIn? Whose attention are you trying to get? This week we will explore how to figure out what your ideal people do on LinkedIn and what you can adapt to make better connections and serve more people.

Week 4: The Content Strategy

Articles? Posts? Video? This week will cover the ins and outs of great content strategies and how to launch yours intentionally.

LinkedIn Changed My Life

LinkedIn is my #1 source for new business.  By being myself, sharing stories and following the "three things rule" I accomplished this in one year. All of this is a direct result from being on LinkedIn.

All of that happened because of how I show up on LinkedIn. I can't promise the same results for you. I can show you how to show up intentionally and without hype to build a long sustainable business or career.

Your Intentional LinkedIn Presence

A step-by-step guide to crafting an intentional LinkedIn presence

Buy for $49 USD or get access through the Career Stories Club membership ($37 a month and you get access to this class + 20 others)

Who is Kerri Twigg?

I help people use their stories to make successul career transitions, whether they aim for a "job-job" or owning their own business.  And, if you're not sure what kind of work is right for you, I help with that too. Stories + Career Transition Strategy.

These days, growing your career requires a career brand. People who can share their strengths through compelling stories, on paper, online and in-person land the work.

I have spent the last 20+ years helping people find and share their stories with confidence, 7 in the career management sector. I love this work. 


I signed up for Kerri's Masterclass called "Your Unique LinkedIn Presence" because I came across her video content and loved what she was doing. If you are considering diving deeper into how to expand your personal brand on LI, I highly recommend taking her class. It's completely affordable and Kerri has a really fun and approachable teaching style. NOTE: You don't have to be a job seeker or career coach to take this class - it's for everyone who wants to build a stronger presence on LI.
Wendy Maynard
 I was complemented on my LinkedIn profile by someone in our marketing department and she plans to use it as an example. Your online messages and course work has helped me evolve my profile and I'm thinking about how I may make our HR department aware of your good work.
Wishing you a lovely day
 "How I got in the door was a direct result of doing things intentionally with networking and being intentional about that and my LinkedIn activities. One of my prior managers came up on my system (separate post about that system sometime soon I hope) so I pulled up his profile and looked over his activity. I hit like on something he posted recently and either commented on it or sent him a message. This was Thursday or Friday. A few hours later he replied and asked if I was still working with the same technology that I did when I worked for him. I said yes and Monday I was on a plane to Boston for a series of interviews the next day. Long story that dragged a while, but I got an offer with a base salary that was a raise from my consulting rate with a nice upside depending on performance as well as stock in this privately held, (but growing) company. So this long post is here to say "Being intentional matters." 
Anon, but happy client :)
Just wanted to drop you a note - I began the Linked In Presence course today........l am loving it. Looking forward to seeing where it all goes for some ideas already peculating. 

The steps make sense and while I knew some of the content before, it was never laid out this clear before. I am inspired and I'll share some posts once I've made them. Thank you for making this class.
Dallas Garvin