LinkedIn Profile + Strategy by Kerri Twigg

LinkedIn Profile + Strategy

Personalized support to look & behave great on LinkedIn

How you look on LinkedIn matters.

You know it. I know it. The people who will hire you know it. 

LinkedIn is one of the best places to connect with companies, experts in your field, and potential clients. You can't be showing up in a 90s style resume. You need to show that YOU KNOW YOUR STUFF.

And that you're truth-worthy.
And an expert in your field.
And someone worth following.

Someone worth connecting to even. 

I get it. I'm here to make that happen for you. 

LinkedIn has changed

For a long time LinkedIn was the joke of social media sites. It was acceptable to list your job title and a cropped 10 year old picture of yourself at a friend's wedding.


LinkedIn has matured. 


But it works different than any other social media site.

Make a great first impression.

LinkedIn users make quick judgments about you based on your profile and activities. 

Showing up using the right words, a clear brand voice, and content to match is everything.

Your LinkedIn profile + strategic content = the opportunity to land your ideal job or clients.

You don’t want to show up as less than. You don't want to be ignored. You want to be noticed by your right people. And you want to be noticed for you.

You don't need to be anything but yourself on LinkedIn. 

I'm serious. I have built and helped hundreds of people figure out what story they're telling on LinkedIn. It's not about being more than you are. It's showing how you are more. 

Quit doubting your LinkedIn profile and presence.  I've got you.


LinkedIn Story and Strategy includes:

-  Upon purchase you will receive a LinkedIn branding worksheet. It has been developed over five years to quickly determine what you hope to gain by being on LinkedIn, and how you want to appear.

- A 45 minute brand story clarity session with me. We'll talk out what you want your profile to do, what your style is and your ultimate career goal.

- I'll write a customized profile based on our conversation. We'll work together through two rounds of edits until it sings off the screen. 

- With all your story and branding in place, we'll have a final call to design a customized LinkedIn strategy session to help secure your brand and value. 

It has everything you need to share your story intentionally on LinkedIn. 

I help people use their stories to land ideal work. And if they don't know what kind of job, I help with that too. Stories + Job Search Strategy

I'm Kerri, I am a LinkedIn Top Voice in Management and Workplace, and a contributing author to the Amazon best-selling resume book - YOUMap. ( I wrote six pages of the resume section) and named the #1 Career Coach to follow on LinkedIn by Job Scan.

All that is cool and fancy. 

The reason I get those opportunities was by sharing my story and strengths intentionally. I would like to help you to do the same. It'll look different on you. 

I help people use their stories to  land ideal work.  I have helped people find and hone their stories for over 20 years, first as a drama instructor and playwright, and now as a Career Coach working with mid-level to senior professionals all over the world.

I have a B.A in Drama in Education (so my videos are fun!), a M.Ed (so I know how to teach), a HR Certificate (I know how hiring managers are trained) and am a Certified Resume Strategist.