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Monthly Career Master Classes

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Stories + Career Transition Strategy.

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Hi there.

I hope you are having a good time digging into the classes this month. If you need any guidance about what sequence to…
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Welcome to the membership. It's great to have you here. I made a few suggested class pathways below, but if you are using these…
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People who want to figure out what job to do next

Career Stories 7-day Challenge
Using Stories to find your strengths
Getting over Yourself
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Career Stories 7-day Challenge
Using Stories to find your strengths
Getting over Yourself
The Art of the Side Hustle
Your Intentional LinkedIn Presence
Make a…
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Career Stories 7-day Challenge
Using Stories to find your strengths
Career Mapping Masterclass
Crafting Career Experiments
Loving Yourself and Your Career
How to tell interesting…
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Don’t you want your career development to feel more awesome and less confusing?

Are you overwhelmed by all the information out there on managing your career?

Are you burnt out on trying self-help books, taking career assessments, and trying to write a resume on your own but not having an organized system where each part plays together?

Not knowing what you want to do next and falling behind on your career story development is a super common problem.

The Career Stories Method gives you full-access to over 16 classes, plus new ones as the come up to support your job search, no matter if you're just beginning or already in active job search. 

Get the tools you need, when you need them

The Career Stories Method Membership gives you full access to the entire Career Stories process. You can guide yourself through the whole process, dive in deep where you want to. 

You know you're not going to have a career break-through by reading the same free career advice articles everyone else is reading. To stand out, you need a strategy that starts with knowing and owning your story. You'll get that here.

Here are just some of the 16 masterclasses that you get immediate access to:
This class teaches you the first step in the Career Stories Method. Once you've done this class, you can confidently bring what you learn here to your resume, LinkedIn or interview.

Subscribe to get immediate access.
This class leads you through four weeks of creating, strategizing and launching your LinkedIn strategy. 

The weekly steps take 1-2 hours to implement, so you could do this course as you take other classes in the membership, or just concentrate on LinkedIn. Your choice.


If part of your 2020 plan is to breathe life and meaning into your career, this class covers the different ways you can experiment in your career, how to know which ones to try and how to get over the fear of taking action on your career.

People test things out. They see their work as a constant experiment, where they try out projects, ideas and skills.

You can do this whether you are employed or unemployed. 
See what's included in this masterclass
This class examines the five ways we hold ourselves back and how we can get over ourselves to grow our careers and personal brands. 

If your career is not growing because you are scared of taking that first step, this class is for you.


For the past two decades, I have worked with people to help them find, own, and express their stories. First as a drama teacher and now as a career coach and job search strategist.

One of the best gifts you can give your career is to know and share your story. Whether you want a new job or not.

Knowing your career stories:

  • helps you understand and know yourself.
  • allows you to know exactly where you are suited to work and make a difference.
  • ensures that you show up consistently and are in-charge of your reputation.
  • helps people and companies understand your work and how it benefits them.
  • prepares you for opportunities, like promotions and collaborations. 
  • takes away the need to question what to say, you'll always know how to connect with others.
  • removes the worry from not knowing what impression you give off, you'll know.
  • opens doors you never even knew were open to you.

That's the magic of stories.

Although I taught people how to use stories in their performances and life,  I didn't always model my message. I stayed quiet instead of sharing a useful story. I let others take the lead when I had ideas. I didn't give myself credit for the impact I was made. Not mindfully sharing my stories prevented me from moving forward in my career. Nobody knew what I could do because I wasn't sharing it properly.

Once I remembered my roots and started to share stories, my career improved.  I left a job I didn't love and started my own business. Telling stories has allowed me to travel internationally for speaking gigs, and get recognized for my work by external professionals.

I have seen clients land jobs they love, start coaching practices of their own, create new positions within organizations and become leaders in their industry. Just by telling better stories mindfully.

Knowing and sharing stories changes careers for the better.

Founded by Kerri Twigg, an internationally recognized career coach and educator. That's me!

The Career Stories Method offers you a fun and holistic approach to career branding and strategy.

I have been helping people find and share their stories with confidence for 20 years, seven in the career management field. I combined my experience as a theatre and meditation teacher to help people figure out what to do career-wise and then what to do once they know.

It's career coaching + search strategy wrapped into one program. I built it for people like you -- smart, well-meaning, ambitious (but not too much) who wants a great life and career. 

Not everyone needs a $2,000 coaching program.

I value the coaching experience. But, sometimes I am on the phone with a client and think... "this person doesn't need a full coaching  program, they just need to follow the Career Stories Method.

The Career Stories Method membership does exactly that.

You get the entire step-by-step method to figure out your career story, know what move to make next, and the resources to take action.  

What kind of people do well following the Career Stories Method?

This membership is for anyone who wants to mindfully develop their stories to land ideal work.

  • It is for people who will do the work and take action. 
  • It is for people who see their career as an opportunity to develop a better relationship with themselves and others.
  • It is for people who want to land ideal work, not just any job.
The techniques you'll learn have been developed for over 20 years by researching and helping thousands of clients figure out and share their stories confidently.

Imagine feeling awesome about what you share and how you share it.

You could stop worrying, "my work is not relevant. I am out of date" -- because you would know exactly how valuable your work is. 

You can stop being embarrassed about your resume and LinkedIn profile. You'll be excited for people to read what you wrote. 

You can stop missing out on promotions and recognition because you'll be doing your best work while strategically laying the foundation for career growth.

You can stop being distracted and disappointed by free online job search resources. You can start using your time wiser to land quicker.

You can stop avoiding network events because you will know how to connect with others and talk about your work. You will be aware of how you hold yourself and truly listen to others. 

You could stop wondering, "am I wasting my life energy in this job?"  because you would know exactly what you need to do next and know how to feel joy regardless of circumstances.

You will stop hiding your awesomeness. You'll know how to talk about your work in an intriguing way to the right people. Opportunities will come your way. 

You can stop thinking you are not enough. You will be taking actions and showing up as your very best self, plus you''ll understand your inherent value long before you land a new job.

You can stop worrying that your career isn't good enough. You'll be building the ideal one for you. 

Compliments from other members

Loved it Kerri Twigg! Such great and valuable content today. Thank you! 
Thank you very much for your work! Webinar was amazing! Questions are so deep and so simple at the same time. Thank you 
I loved when you said that we focus too much on the next step in our career.. & don’t take the time to reflect on our past.  I need to spend many more hours on my career map to really dig into those questions and help elevate my story - but I’m excited to do it! You’re doing amazing things Kerri Twigg! Thanks so much for today!" 
It was an amazing webinar!  I went in feeling somewhat directionless, knowing that I wanted change, and your career map and thoughtful questions really gave me some food for thought!  Your passion definitely shows!  I cannot wait to take part in more of your webinars!