Monthly Career Master Class by Kerri Twigg

Monthly Career Master Class

Intentional career conversations and activities to support your career development


Crafting Career Experiments

January 23 @noon CST

Wanna' know the secret of successful careers? People test things out. They see their work as a constant experiment, where they try out projects, ideas and skills.

You can do this whether you are employed or unemployed. 

If part of your 2019 is to breathe life and meaning into your career, Kerri will teach you why it's important to experiment, how to do it and how to assess the results.

Your Meaningful LinkedIn Presence

February 6 at noon (CST): 

Are you on LinkedIn because someone told you to be here, but you're not feeling grounded in how you show up here? 

I get it. 

I was like too and then 3 years ago I developed a way to get intentional about how I showed up here, and  followed "the three things method". (I made it up, but I use it daily, I'm using it right now).

Then I loved being here & opportunities rolled in. My reputation grew and getting clients and gigs felt almost effortless, I had a 2 month waiting list. Plus, I never questioned what to post or say. I know.

I taught it to clients to make sure it works, and it did.

I'd like to teach you (and your team, it's virtual) how to do it. 

All without sleaze, pitches or pretending.

I'll cover:
- the most important questions to ask about being on LinkedIn 
- setting intentions and focus on your profile, content and networking strategy
- how to use the "three things" method 
- a 4 week launching plan 

A simple and affordable way to love your career.

Most of us, when we want more out of our careers, start at the beginning and with the most obvious things: self-help books, browsing career ads or taking a course. Some of us join boards to fill the gap.

  • Because when you read inspirational books, it feels like progress.

  • Because when you think about applying for a new job, it feels like progress.

  • Because when you take a course, it feels like an investment into your future.

  • Because we think if we just add more responsibility to our plates, we'll feel satisfied.

It makes it easy to believe that you are taking steps to a career you are proud of.

But, when you stop reading the book past chapter three, and the new jobs don't look interesting,  and you could have taught the course you took and the volunteer role is  drains you, you look around to see that you have not moved. 

It sucks even more when you don't even know what to say about yourself.

Or what you really want.

And the person you think can help you with it is atleast $1,000 to work with, and you're not sure if it's worth it.

This cycle causes even more career stuckage.  

You have a career you aren't even excited to talk about.

Take a step back.

What if you knew that you could improve your career and land ideal work from the beginning?

If you knew exactly what you wanted in your career.  If you could go to work knowing you get to use your favorite skills. You knew how to carry yourself to create opportunities. Not just apply for jobs?

You could stop worrying, "my work is not relevant. I am out of date" -- because you'd know exactly how valuable your work is.

You could stop wondering, "am I wasting my life energy in this job?"  because you would know exactly what you needed.

You could stop hiding your own awesomeness in order to avoid rocking the boat, because you would know how to talk about your work in a way that intrigued the right people.

You could stop researching resume templates and elevator pitches, because you would know the best way to communicate your value. And many of my clients never need a resume.

You can stop worrying that your career isn't good enough. You'll be actively building the ideal one for you.

You may not need a $2,000 coaching program.

I'm a career coach and value the coaching experience. But, sometimes I am on the phone with a client and think..."you don't need a coaching session, you need to hear about careers in a new way and take action"

The difference between someone who likes my career content on LinkedIn and feels momentary inspiration, and the ones that actually make a change in their careers is  DEPTH and ACTION.

This is a series of talks to help you figure out your career and help yourself. We'll go deep,one hour at a time, so that you finally take action on this important part of your life.

Deep Career Master Classes to support your career

The Monthly Career Master Class is for professionals who want to examine their careers, and life work without it being focused on landing a new job. 

Want to try before you buy? Get the Make an Awesome First Impression for free with coupon: TRYB4UBUY

It is for people who want to grow their careers through meaningful reflection, activities and action.  Every month we dive into a career development topic that you can use in your life.  

You'll spend two delightful hours a month doing this work -- guilt-free and focused.

The membership is month-to-month. Attend the sessions you want and take breaks as you need them. 

When you enroll in the Career Master Class membership, here's exactly what you'll do:

  • You'll figure out your own career junk.

  • You'll have two hours every month where you examine your career and learn a new way to understand and position yourself.

  • You'll craft experiments to help to know yourself better.

  • You'll reflect on those experiences to make career decisions.

  • You will learn what your ideal job is.

  • You'll practice improving the way you talk about your work and the difference you make.

The process and techniques you'll learn in the Monthly Career Master Class have been developed for over 8 years by researching, and helping thousands of clients figure out their ideal work style and career.

If you get to the root of your career, this works.

Careers are funny things.

You can map out conventional and safe careers. But, when it comes to doing work that makes your heart sing, you need something more.  And, I think you already know this. 

Most of the 30,000+ people who follow me on LinkedIn are thinking about making a career change this year. But, I also know they feel lost, not sure what to do next, and this isn't the first time they thought about making a move. 

I want to give you two hours every month to explore and learn more about yourself, your work, your brand and the next career experiment you're going to try. 

Monthly Career Master Class series.

Every month I lead two live master classes.

Topics for 2019 include:

- Making an awesome first impression
- How to talk about your work without boring people
- How to create an arsinal of stories and when to use them
- Balancing Authenticity with Professionalism: A how-to guide
- How to build a network (when you're already so busy)
- The Index Card method to finding your awesome
- using video to expand your brand
- how to communicate your value in your current job

plus, many more based on requests of the master class membership -- that's you.

Just $42/month

For just $42 a month, you are guaranteed a spot in the live master class + all worksheets + a recording of each master class during your subscription (and select archived ones).

Being a Monthly Career Master Class subscriber guarantees:

  •  a spot at each class
  •  a recording (even you if don't attend live) 
  • worksheets & guides
  • access to a closed LinkedIn group to discuss next steps and how you are using the material in your life past the class

Compliments on previous Master Classes

Loved it Kerri Twigg! Such great and valuable content today. Thank you! 
Thank you very much for your work! Webinar was amazing! Questions are so deep and so simple at the same time. Thank you 
I loved when you said that we focus too much on the next step in our career.. & don’t take the time to reflect on our past.  I need to spend many more hours on my career map to really dig into those questions and help elevate my story - but I’m excited to do it! You’re doing amazing things Kerri Twigg! Thanks so much for today!" 
It was an amazing webinar!  I went in feeling somewhat directionless, knowing that I wanted change, and your career map and thoughtful questions really gave me some food for thought!  Your passion definitely shows!  I cannot wait to take part in more of your webinars! 

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You can access it here:

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Kerri Twigg


Welcome to the Monthly Career Master Class membership. I'm so glad you are here.

You will recieve your enrolment confirmation within 24 hours. 

As new…
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December 12 Career Mapping Webinar

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If you are ready to get started right now…
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Story Collecting

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Monthly Career Master Class: Organizations

$80 / month
Get your whole team or class together to learn skills to grow their career. This membership level gives you access to:

- two live master classes a month (and the recordings after)
- a workbook designed for groups to help implement and deepen the learning
Includes access to 1 product:
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Monthly Career Master Class

$42 / month
Attendance in two monthly master classes a month, plus:

- resources
- actions to take between master classes
- recordings of missed master classes
- full access to the master class archive
- a private LinkedIn group to talk about concepts and ideas past the webinars
Includes access to 3 products:
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How many months do I need to commit to?

It is up to you. The subscription is month-to-month and auto renews on the calendar day you subscribed.

When you choose to subscribe, you will be charged $42 USD, and have access for 1 month, plus a few free class recordings.

The subscription renews automatically every month, unless you cancel it.  If you just want one month, make a note of the calendar day so you aren't charged for more than you want.

What will the master class topics be?

I have some faves, but I also get my topic ideas from people like you. I listen to what people are struggling with in their career and think up ways to help them best. 

If you have a topic you would love to hear my take on, please propose it!

What time are the sessions?

I usually host the master classes in the morning or noon on Wednesdays. 

I help people use their stories to land ideal work. And if they don't know what kind of job, I help with that too. Stories + Job Search Strategy

I'm Kerri, I am  LinkedIn Top Voice in Management and Workplace, and a contributing author to the Amazon best-selling resume book - YOUMap. ( I wrote six pages of the resume section) and named the #1 Career Coach to follow on LinkedIn by Job Scan.

All that is cool and fancy. 

The reason I get all of those opportunities was sharing my story and strengths intentionally. I would like to help you to do the same. It'll look different on you. 

I help people use their stories to find their awesome, and then use those stories to land ideal work.  I have helped people find and hone their stories for over 20 years, first as a drama instructor and playwright, and now as a Career Coach working with mid-level to senior professionals all over the world.

I have a B.A in Drama in Education (so my videos are fun!), a M.Ed (so I know how to teach), a HR Certificate (I know how hiring managers are trained) and am a Certified Resume Strategist.