The Career Stories Master Classes by Kerri Twigg

Members get access to:

  • a customized learning plan and instant access to over 20 self-led career classes ranging from how to tell better stories to resume writing 
  • Monthly Challenges. Each month we focus on one topic. As a group we read, learn, test, implement and share our experiences.  Past topics have been: values, LinkedIn content challenge, and building our new introductions.
  • Monthly Ask Me Anything (AMA) Each month we do an open AMA thread and then I answer questions in a private podcast just for members.
  • No long-term commitment.  Membership is month-to-month, and you can cancel at any time if you don't think it's worth it. You control your own membership so you don't have to message me, just unsubscribe when you got what you needed.

One class can change everything.

Anne Fountain landed a job after taking one class, the 7-day Career Stories Challenge.

October 2020 classes include:

In addition to the 20 archived classes, people who join in October can be part of the FINDING YOUR PEOPLE: how to connect and nurture relationships in your sector before you need them.

This live class starts October 8th.

Not everyone needs a $2,000 coaching program.

I value the coaching experience. But, sometimes I am on the phone with a client and think... "this person doesn't need a full coaching program, they just need the steps broken down."

A clear process taught through energizing classes + monthly challenges to keep you moving forward.

This membership gives you that.

The Classes:

You get immediate access to all the classes listed below + new ones every month.

(And don't worry about being overwhelmed by the workload, upon purchase fill out a short survey and I'll customize a program for you).




  • Resume Bootcamp
  • Tell me about yourself: the masterclass
  • Prepping for the final interview
  • Make an Awesome First Impression

This client landed a job just by following the four lessons in the "Your Intentional LinkedIn Presence" class.

I know, it looks like a lot of classes. No worries.

With access to over 20 classes + monthly challenges it can feel overwhelming to know where to start & which classes will work for your goals. That's not how I want you to feel.

You and your career are unique.

Upon joining the Career Stories Club you'll be asked to fill out a short questionnaire about your career goals. I'll customize a learning plan just for you. (it helps that I have a M.Ed right?)


  • How to tell interesting and memorable stories (to grow your career or business)
  • The Art of the SOAR story
  • Using Story to know your Strengths


  • Getting over Yourself
  • Loving Yourself and Your Career
  • Making a Career Plan (you actually follow)
  • Mindfulness Training for Career Happiness
  • Career Mapping Masterclass

  • Using Video in Your Job Search

Stop relying on google for your career advice.

Listen...I love google and free advice too. But when you take resume advice from one coach, interview tips from another and LinkedIn strategy from some free LinkedIn article, you end up with a hodge-podge career strategy.

Instead of googling and questioning every step, invest your time and career in one system that gives you complete end-to-end career support. Find your ideal career and discover your awesome self in the process in the Career Stories Club.

While I enjoy a healthy LinkedIn following, I found a lot of people like to "like" my stuff there, but never take action.

This client landed a job (during COVID-19) after taking the Resume Bootcamp class (included in membership).

This is a membership for doers.

 I know there are a lot of people out there who need clarity on this work, but they aren't doers. They're not like us. This membershp is for you -- not the person who reads and likes free articles on LinkedIn from a bunch of different career coaches but has no strategy, depth or plan. You're the kind of person who values depth, consistency and taking action on your career dreams. I'm here to support that.

Hope you'll join, even if it's just for a month to check out  what's already here.

The Career Stories Master Classes

Figure out your career story to land ideal work.


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Compliments from other members

Loved it Kerri Twigg! Such great and valuable content today. Thank you! 
Thank you very much for your work! Webinar was amazing! Questions are so deep and so simple at the same time. Thank you 
I loved when you said that we focus too much on the next step in our career.. & don’t take the time to reflect on our past.  I need to spend many more hours on my career map to really dig into those questions and help elevate my story - but I’m excited to do it! You’re doing amazing things Kerri Twigg! Thanks so much for today!" 
It was an amazing webinar!  I went in feeling somewhat directionless, knowing that I wanted change, and your career map and thoughtful questions really gave me some food for thought!  Your passion definitely shows!  I cannot wait to take part in more of your webinars!