One-to-one coaching by Kerri Twigg

Coaching calls are ideal if:

  • You are trying to figure out your next career move and want to talk it out with me
  • You have an interview coming up soon and want to practice some questions and make sure you make a great first impression
  • Something is not going right in your search and you can’t figure out why
  • You are actively looking for work, but don’t want a structured program right now. You appreciate the flexibility to discuss things as they come up for you
  • You have a meeting coming up with your manager and you want to negotiate a raise and/or promotion and need a strategy and scripts
  • You’ve already done self-reflection but you need help figuring out a job search strategy
  • You built a LinkedIn profile, but want some direction on how to use it to your advantage
  • You need help clarifying your career brand and want individualized feedback and direction on next steps

Let's get on the phone, talk about what is happening in your career and figure out your next steps. These calls are booked by the hour. The call is recorded so you can go back to it later.

Book an hour or a couple of hours. These calls work best when you bring a topic/issue to the call and we work through it to leave you feeling supported and clear about your next steps.


One-to-one coaching

Me + you: talking about your career