The One-Act

Just need a resume you love? Awesome, let's do the one-act.

One customized resume and cover letter ready to land you ideal work. 

Oh, the treasured one-act

This coaching program is inspired by the one-act play. A favorite format of mine.  I like the simplicity of a one-act. You get a full story, but it doesn't take up an entire evening. 

It's like this program. We're focusing on one thing -- the story you tell in your resume. And that's it. 

Let's make it.

Sometimes, you just need a resume written for you

While we both know you could write a resume yourself, sometimes the best choice is to get someone else to write it for you. I've got your back. 

The One-Act Resume Package gets you an original  resume  that sounds like you, plus has the keywords of your sector.  

The resumes are:

- based on your stories and written in your natural voice (I am a playwright and wired to hear voice).

- ATS friendly (I've done hours of ATS training)

- are tailored for your specific sector

- will make you look awesome on paper

Step One: Career Story Analysis

The process starts by a Career Analysis Meeting. 

We talk about all the things you are proud of in your career and why they're significant. 

We talk out what your ideal job is and get clear on your career stories.

I listen to understand you, but also to learn what words you use and how your use them. Your resume needs to sound like you because that's who shows up at the interview, right?

Step Two: I write your resume and cover letter

Following that meeting, I take all the information we discussed and craft an original resume for you. It will have all your stories, your voice and diction, and the right words for your industry. You just relax while I do the heavy writing work.

I send the first draft of your resume to you for your review, and we do up to two rounds of edits.

I also create a cover letter that you can customize moving forward. I'm not sure if you heard the story, but I once had a senior HR Director photocopy and distribute my cover letter around her company -- she said "this is the best cover letter I've read in my 36 years in HR!"

Step Three: Resume Strategy Call

The program closes with a final meeting to talk out how to use the resume and a bit of job search strategy. 

You feel great about how you look on paper and know exactly how to use the resume. 

You're gold.

The One-Act is perfect for you if:

  • you need a resume for a specific job
  • you need a resume, but don't have time to write one yourself
  • you're an entrepreneur who needs a resume to land a corporate project
  • you are great in-person and thrive in interviews and networking situations. You struggle to make the same impact on paper and need someone to do it for you (very common)
  • you don't need on-going support past the resume. If you need more than just a resume, try the Immersive or Epic Package.