The Real Deal - interview and story training by Kerri Twigg

Craft interview stories that land you ideal work.

A four week intensive to help you use the science of storytelling to tell memorable and impactful stories that get you hired.

The Real Deal Interview Training is for you if:

  • You go to interviews, but don't get job offers even though you are fully qualified
  • You've heard that using stories is a must at interviews, but you need help selecting which stories and how to tell them
  • You've read and attended all the free interview webinars online and still don't like how you are in interviews. You're ready to invest in learning about stories and interviews from an interview and story expert.
  • You want to leave a great impression at the interview. And for them to know what they're getting. They should be excited about you
  • You want a program where you take the time to develop a skill, not a quick fix or hack. You know that stories take work and effort and are ready to do the work

then this program is for you.

You can trust me with your interview stories. I'll help you look awesome and land ideal work.

Jennifer landed a job by taking a interview prep course with me.

There are two ways to do the program.

1. The group program way (4 modules + the opportunity to get peer feedback)

2. Personal Feedback (access to the entire program + weekly private feedback from me + a live mock interview 

The only way to get better at telling stories, is to tell more stories.

The same studies are cited repeatedly about how stories make strong emotional connections.

And, how when you tell stories you'll be better remembered than when you just share facts.  We all know it's true. But, it's hard to know if we're doing it right.

There is a difference between knowing and doing, and I'd like to help you do.

The Real Deal Interview Training helps teaches you the art of storytelling in the context of a job interview.

Four Modules

Week 1: Find your Career Story (this will help you see the common threads and skills to tell a cohesive story)

Week 2: Tell Me About Yourself creation

Week 3: Tell Me About Yourself rehearsal & fine-tuning

Week 4: Crafting an interview answer

Each week you will be provided a new lesson + actions to take.  Good stories take time to craft, let's build them right this time.

And attend 2 live group practice sessions

June 11 - TMAY

9:30 -10:30 am CST

Share & get feedback on your Tell Me About Yourself answer. And if you feel shy about sharing, come hear other people's answers to show support and learn by watching. 

June 30 - SOAR story

9:30 - 10:30 AM CST

The program wraps up with a SOAR story jamboree. Come share your interview stories with the group and get feedback to improve them.

The Real Deal - interview and story training