Do you know what job you want, but need to look more awesome on your resume and LinkedIn? This progam is ideal if you:

  • have a strong reputation in your sector, but your resume and LinkedIn profile are out of date (or you're embarressed about them)
  • you've built your reputation and career, but could use a refresher on what your career brand is, and how to amplify it
  • want to be more in control of your career brand, and know cliched scripts are not right for you
  • you're thinking about moving into speaking, freelance consulting , or thought leadership and want to be consistent about the career story you share

then it's time for the Career Stories Refresh

The Career Stories Refresh

Most clients pay $1,000 to start the service and  $1,000 when they recieve the final draft of their tailored resume.

All prices are in USD.


A simple four-step coaching process that gives you a complete career brand refresh, including a new resume and LinkedIn Profile.

01. Career Brand Analysis

Our first meeting is focused on examining what stories will be the foundation of your career brand, and what impression you currently give off.

  • What are you known for in your sector?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • What work makes you feel alive?

Our first call is where you share your Career Cards Stories (instructions will be sent) and I listen for your speaking style, cadence, and word choice.

This is the foundation of your career brand. Following the call, I'll send you a career stories analysis that breaks down:

  • Your top three skills to lead with
  • The ideal way to share these skills through stories and content
  • What impression your stories give

02. Target Stories

Part of a career refresh is making sure you are speaking the same language as your ideal job or sector.

You'll send me 2-3 sample ideal jobs.  I create a list of questions related to your target role to you to answer.

I'll use this work to ensure your resume and LinkedIn  hits the points your target company wants to see.

Your Career Brand is a combo of your natural style and what industry needs to hear.

03. Refresh

You relax as I take the stories from our first meeting & the answers from your target work to create new branding tools for you. You will get:

  1. A keystone resume; a collection of all your stories written as resume bullets
  2. A tailored resume for a job of your choice + training on how I selected the stories and keywords. You can use this as guide for future resumes you write.
  3. A LinkedIn Profile - the profile will have the keywords, plus your personality.

You'll have everything refreshed and you'll love how your resume and LinkedIn profile look. You'll be eager to send it out & start sending people to your LinkedIn page.

04. Story Brand Strategy

Our final meeting is focused on strategizingyour next move.

Some people use this last meeting for a mock interview, others use it to practice what they'll say on a social media video. Some people use it to talk out how to work with recruiters. And other times I co-create a LinkedIn content strategy. I'm flexble to support you in what works best for your search.

Then you've been refreshed and can confidently move forward in your career. 

Refresh your Career Brand today

The sooner you have clarity on your career brand, the quicker you can land.

Landing an ideal job takes more than it used to. If you know you need help refreshing your story for resume, this program will help you.


"Thank you so much for the work you made me do and areas about myself to explore.  This has been by far the best investment in my career I could have ever made so thank you again. Almost every question I was asked yesterday I was able to smile inside and know that it was something we had discussed or prepped for and it was a lot of fun getting to craft my story for them"

I want you to feel prepped and confident in every aspect of your search. It's totally possible.