The Career Refresh by Kerri Twigg


  • are not getting calls on your current resume
  • are not getting past the first round of job interviews
  • know your strengths, but not how to put them on  a resume
  • know the job you want, but not how to land it

then it's time for the Career Refresh

The Career Refresh

You know what you want, but need help getting it

This job search strategy program is ideal for people who don't need career coaching because they:

  • know their strengths
  • know what job they want to land
  • have a clear idea of which companies they want to work for
  • have an existing strong network & reputation
This program is all strategy and action.

If you don't know what kind of job you want or where you'd like to work, this is not the right program for you.
Check out Stories and Strategy or Deep Search. Those programs commit more attention to finding your story and ideal role.


A simple four-step coaching program that gives you a career brand refresh. 

01. Career Brand Analysis

Our first meeting is focused on examining your resume, LinkedIn, network and current reputation to know your current career brand.

  • What are you currently selling yourself as?
  • What are you known for in your sector?

We'll get clear on what needs to be refreshed.  

02. Target Stories

In this session, we'll identify what your target company and roles needs to hear. 

I'll send a list of questions related to your target role to you. For each question, you'll give an example of doing that type of work. We'll create a catalogue of stories that can be used in your resume, LinkedIn, networking and job interviews.

We'll determine what your new career narrative will be to best land you the job. 

03. Refresh

You'll take the stories from our previous meeting and weave them into your resume and LinkedIn using the new career brand guidelines.  I'll provide expert eye feedback on your new resume and LinkedIn profile.  (This part of the program is often done through the Career Stories portal and video feedback). We'll do back-and-forth edits.

Please note: you will be writing your own resume and profile. I will give you a process, resources and targeted feedback to make it easier.

04. Action Scripts

Our final meeting is focused on your scripts. The words you will say when introducing yourself or at a job interview.

Some people use this last meeting for a mock interview, others use it to practice what  they'll say on a social media video. I'm flexble to support you in what works best for you.

After this session, I sent you a short guideline on your new brand rules, the words to use often, and some suggested next actions to take.

Then you've been refreshed and can confidently move forward in your job search. 

Refresh your Career Brand today

The sooner you have clarity on your career brand, the quicker you can land.

Landing an ideal job takes more than it used to. If you know you need help refreshing your story for resume, this program will help you.


"Thank you so much for the work you made me do and areas about myself to explore.  This has been by far the best investment in my career I could have ever made so thank you agIn. Almost every question I was asked yesterday I was able to smile inside and know that it was something we had discussed or prepped for and it was a lot of fun getting to craft my story for them"

I want you to feel prepped and confident in every aspect of your search. It's totally possible.

All prices are in USD.

GST is included in the price for Canadian Clients.