The ResuMAY Workshops by Kerri Twigg

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And the resuMAY classes start on June 1. 

The ResuMAY Workshops

Launches on June 1st, 2019

You can write your own resume.

Learn how to write a better resume and land ideal work.

Three actionable classes with one goal: to help you land work you want — without doubting if you're doing it right. 

These classes are for you if:

  • you want your resume to get noticed
  • you want an easy way to hit the points hiring people need to see every time
  • you want to be proud and confident about the resume you send in
  • you want to make the best  impression possible, and have it sound like you
  • you want to land interviews based on your qualifications and stories. And when you show up, they know what they are getting. 
  • you want to know what makes you unique for a role and how to sell that 
  • you want to be led by someone who has helped thousands of people create their resumes. (I wasn't asked to be a contributing author to a Best-Selling Resume Book (#1 on Amazon in USA, #2 in Canada) because I taught it the old way. )

then this is the class for you.

Class #1 Writing Accomplishment Statements

How to find which stories to put into your resume.

Some people constantly getting called by recruiters for great jobs while others never get called? How come? 

Why are some resumes ignored and others are forwarded? 

If you struggle to attract the right companies you want to work for, these online classes are for YOU.

Learn the easiest method for finding your accomplishment stories and where to put them in your resume. 

This is not a theory. This online class walks you through the exact steps on how to gather, sort and rewrite the stories for a resume that sounds like you.  

This training is best for people with at least three years of work experience, but works for executive style resumes too.  

In this class you'll learn...

  • The Career Stories method for gathering your stories

  • How to know what stories are appropriate for a resume

  • How to turn every day stories into resume bullet points

  • How to identify common themes to build a career brand

  • And much more

By the end of the class, you’ll have a clear path forward, a new way of knowing your most awesome stories
and the resources to write them yourself.

Class #2: Ideal Resume Formats and Incredible Profiles

Does "send me your resume" make you nervous and anxious?

Do you want to know how to easily choose the right format for your resume without questioning it all the time?

I can help. 

Do you find yourself copying and pasting someone else's profile and using that on the top of your resume? You're more interesting than that. 

If you constantly question what needs to go where in your resume, and choose to "play it safe" instead of looking incredible, this class is for YOU.

I'll share with you the most common resume formats and what recruiters think of them and why. I'll give you a quick sheet so you know which resume style to use & when to do it, so you can stop googling and start prepping for interviews.

I'll show you how to craft a profile that feels great to you and catches a recuiter's eye.

These are the same techniques I’ve used to help clients land jobs that pay $50,000 - $200,000.

Class #3 Tailoring and the Finishing Touches

It's not the major stuff that sets you apart, it's the little stuff. 

For every resume you submit, you'll make minor tweaks.

Have you ever gotten an email that you know is spam, but it is so customized for a specific problem you have, that you open it anyways?

Why do you open that one, but not the 20 others?

It's because it is specific. And specific resonates.

In this class we'll go through all the little resume tweaks you can make that have huge impact. And increase the chance of your resume getting read and invited for an interview.

This is the stuff people miss when they worry about other things like wording and formatting. You are beyond that.  You'll know exactly what to do every time. 

Plus 2 live classes with Kerri

This pack comes with three classes, daily prompts, and two live calls with Kerri

The June calls are:

June 10: 12:00pm - 1:00 pm (CST)
June 28: 9:00am - 10:00am (CST)

The calls are open for you to ask questions and get feedback on your resume concerns or strategy.



My schedule doesn't allow me to attend, are these recorded?

Yes. Each class is recorded. I'll upload the recording and the resources the same day as the live class.

Will this work if I already have a resume?

I teach resume writing differently than anyone I know. If you're checking out this course, I think you have some doubt about your current resume.

Do you love it? If you don't, join the class. 


I just wanted to drop you a little note to say that I love the ResuMay bundle. We are halfway through the month and I am already feeling excited about my new resume. 

Last night I used the cover letter workshop to write a cover letter for a job that I am so excited about, at a company that I have been obsessed with for over a year. 
This cover letter is the first one that I am so incredibly proud of. Even if I don’t get the job, I will still feel like a winner. 
Thank you again for sharing your wisdom and developing such a usable program. 

Thank you,
Confidential, but happy client
Its so good. Especially for people that are apprehensive and not sure where to start. To be guided through the process from start to finish is great. 

I personally put my current CV to the side and just started with a blank slate as I’m trying to career pivot. 
I have recommended your workshops and following you on LinkedIn to so many people. 

I’m in Australia, so you have worldwide reach!
Confidential, but super happy they took resuMAY