resuMAY Workshop Two: Ideal Formats and Incredible Resume Profiles by Kerri Twigg

resuMAY Workshop Two: Ideal Formats and Incredible Resume Profiles

You know your stories. Here's what to do with them.

  • Does "send me your resume" make you nervous and anxious?

  • Do you want to know how to easily choose the right format for your resume without questioning it all the time?

I can help. 

  • Do you find yourself copying and pasting someone else's profile and using that on the top of your resume? You're more interesting than that.

If you constantly question what needs to go where in your resume, and choose to "play it safe" instead of looking incredible, this class is for YOU.

I'll share with you the most common resume formats and what recruiters think of them and why.

I'll give you a quick sheet so you know which resume style to use & when.   

I'll show you how to craft a profile that sounds like you and catches a recuiter's eye.

These are the same techniques I’ve used to help clients land jobs that pay $50,000 - $200,000+

Format Matters

There are five resume format types:

1. Reverse Chronological
2. Functional
3. Combination
4. Networking
5. Graphic 

And each format has pros and cons. In the class, I will show you a sample of each resume type, and when you should use each type.

Incredible Profiles

The profile is one of the most important parts of a resume. In just 1-3 lines you can convey all your value to a potential employer. 

This is not the space to be lazy.

This is the place to hook them with how relevant you are for their organization. 

I'll show you samples of incredible profiles and the method for creating your own. 


You get access to the May 15th class (live at noon CST)  & the recording. You have access to the recording for one year.

This class also comes with a:

- resume format checklist (so you can quickly assess which format to use when)
- a worksheet and formula to create your own incredible profile.


 This class is great for you if:

  • you are not getting interviews using your current resume
  • you are not sure which resume format you should use
  • you have multiple targets and want to know which format to use where
  • you want to know what to do with your career stories