Resume in a Weekend by Kerri Twigg

Resume in a Weekend

A step-by-step guide to writing a tailored resume in a weekend (or take as long as you want)

You want to be proud of your resume.

I want you to be proud of it too.

In this self-guided course, I lead you step-by-step to create a tailored resume for a specific job. 

You can write a great tailored resume over a weekend. Yes, really.

You can do this course at your own pace -- it's your resume. I designed it so if you have a  full weekend for this work, you could complete it. But it's okay for you to take your time with it too. You can use it over and over to ensure every resume you send out is tailored and gets you called for an interview.

If you are thinking about writing a resume and ...

  • you want your resume to get noticed
  • you want an easy way to hit the points hiring people need to see every time
  • you want to be proud and confident about the resume you send in
  • you want to make the best  impression possible, and have it sound like you
  • you want to land interviews based on your qualifications and stories. And when you show up, they know what they are getting. 
  • you want to know what makes you unique for a role and how to sell that 
  • you want to be led by someone who has helped thousands of people create their resumes. (I wasn't asked to be a contributing author to a Best-Selling Resume Book (#1 on Amazon in USA, #2 in Canada) because I taught it the old way. )

then this is the program for you.

You could probably use a process that helps you write a great resume with the least pain possible.

People dread resume writing so much they pay someone like me $1,000 to write a single resume for you.  I do this every week for people who are rushed for time and have the money. These work because they often have a hot lead and just need the paper to back it up.

But, you're different. You need a resume to actually open doors. You are better off learning how to see your own awesome and writing it yourself. Nobody can write about the things you have done, like you can. You just need to know the new rules of resume writing, get some inspiration, a proven process and some encouragement. I would love to do that for you.

I know people who think they can't write, but actually they can. If you have time to take this work seriously you can write a resume that will get you interviews, and sound like you. I've seen it hundreds of times. It's actually better that way. 

The beautiful thing about writing your own resume, is that you own and know your career story and the words. It becomes easier for you to talk about your skills in an interview, while networking, or on LinkedIn, when you write your resume yourself.

Writing a resume isn't that hard to do. The hard part is when you start to question what to include, what format to use, and what the expectations are. 

Would you like to know that stuff without asking six different sources?

Would you like to have a clear and simple process, one so perfect that creating it only takes a few days?

I've put this program together to help you do exactly that.

It's called Resume in A Weekend.

Resumes aren't that complicated

I used to write poor resumes. And, the worst thing was that I didn't know they were bad. Okay, maybe I had a hunch, but I assumed everyone was a little bit embarrassed about their resume.

It didn't matter because I was going for entry or coordinator level roles. But, once I started applying for higher level jobs I stopped getting calls. I knew I was qualified.  But I wasn't landing interviews.

I was doing something wrong.  I got obsessed with resumes. I read every resume book I could get my hands on.

I signed up for resume classes and spent three years studying resumes from every angle. My resumes got better. I even did a HR Certificate to understand how recruiters and hiring people read resumes. 

I used my skills to land a job as a Career Transition Consultant at a HR firm.  In that role I learned resume writing from their executive coaches, and quickly became the in-house resume expert. I taught all the workshops and webinars. Clients of all levels came to see me for resume help.  I taught over 1,000 people, ranging from entry level to CEO level how to write their resume.

Over time I developed my own method for teaching this work.  I tested this new method of resume writing on two groups in 2018.

1. The first group was an online cohort of professionals. I gave them three weeks to do the work. But I was surprised when they did it in days.  They got calls for interviews immediately. Awesome. 

2. The second group was a class of 15 Web Development students, many who were international. I used the same process to teach them how to write resumes. Not only were they beautiful documents, but some students used them to apply for jobs, and landed interviews within days!

People in both groups raved that I took a process that they previously hated and made it kinda' fun. 

I knew I was onto something. 

Once you have a process, resumes are easier to write

Resume writing is not about a lack of information, but too much information.

You need a trusted process to craft a document that lands you interviews, instead of questioning every line and word.

Get my process for creating resumes that get you called for an interview 
without ever having to use cheat tactics, swallow your pride, or be a cheese ball -- not even once.

Inside Resume In A Weekend, you'll learn the process I use to make concise, clear, attractive accomplishment based resumes that meet the modern standard.

I make resume creation easier.

Inside the Resume In A Weekend Workbook I’ll walk you through the simple, 4-step process for finding the keywords, core story, soft and hard skills for every resume you write.

No matter what sector you’re in – and no matter what job you are going for – the worksheets will help you to:

  • Position your career brand and select the right stories to share
  • Hit the words hiring people  want to see
  • Outline your strategic advantage 

Once you know your angle, the next part of the course helps you decide the best format from a selection of four popular resume formats  (with samples)

Inside the course I’ll tell you about:
  • How keywords work – and how to infuse your resume with them without looking schmultzy
  • Formatting tips
  • and how to write strong accomplishment statements

I know that resume writing rarely is just about a resume, so I share tools to help you see how awesome you are, and how to translate that onto paper. 


Your advice helped me update my internal resume for a proposal. I thought it hit the high points of my experience. The proposal team wanted more depth. I added accomplishments I was proud of on each project, and updated my resume quickly and easily. Normally I struggle with updating my resume - your advice made it a fast and satisfying exercise. Thank you! I messaged you at the time, and I am happy to share this publicly. You rock!
Simon Goldenberg, PhD, CISSP
LOVE this, Kerri! I was so proud to debut my resume to the word this week after taking your course.
Mirna Torress

I help people use their stories to land ideal work. And if they don't know what kind of job, I help with that too. Stories + Job Search Strategy

I'm Kerri, I am a LinkedIn Top Voice in Management and Workplace, and a contributing author to the Amazon best-selling resume book - YOUMap. ( I wrote six pages of the resume section) and named the #1 Career Coach to follow on LinkedIn by Job Scan.

All that is cool and fancy. 

The reason I get those opportunities was by sharing my story and strengths intentionally. I would like to help you to do the same. It'll look different on you. 

I help people use their stories to  land ideal work.  I have helped people find and hone their stories for over 20 years, first as a drama instructor and playwright, and now as a Career Coach working with mid-level to senior professionals all over the world.

I have a B.A in Drama in Education (so my videos are fun!), a M.Ed (so I know how to teach), a HR Certificate (I know how hiring managers are trained) and am a Certified Resume Strategist. 


How much coaching will I get?

This program does not come with coaching or feedback from Kerri. 

You can get support anytime in the Facebook group: Past and present members ask questions and share ideas in the Facebook group. Kerri checks the groups once a week to add in small comments and feedback.

If you are looking for feedback from Kerri or a resume review, purchase the Resume Bootcamp course. 

Are you experienced?

I get it – so many people talk about resumes, but it's hard to know who is the real deal.

 I have been hired by institutions like The University of Winnipeg to teach resume writing for their PACE program, and advice their leadership how to improve the course.  I led resume writing workshops and webinars for three years at People First HR; and have been invited to teach resumes at communities and schools across the country.

I have been helping people figure out their stories and how to position themselves for over 20 years, first as a drama teacher and now as a career coach. This is my favorite work to do. 

You like people with degrees? Me too! I have a B.A in Theatre, M.Ed in Humane Education and a HR Certificate. I am a certified Resume Strategist and member of the Career Professionals of Canada. 

I contributed to the resume section of the Amazon Best-selling resume search book, YouMap. 

I am often hired by people who spent hundreds of dollars on another resume writer and want to get back to an authentic style.

 And I'd love to help you!

What kind of person does this help the most?

The methods used in the Resume in a Weekend course are designed for people with work experience who know what job they want next. 

If you're trying to figure out what kind of role to go for, I'd encourage you to do the Career Intensive program. That program walks you through finding your voice, knowing your strategic advantage, and then targeting a role that fits. 

Will this course guarantee I will get an interview and a job?

No. There are many factors that go into landing a job, and a resume is a small one. 

I can guarantee that if you do this work, you will know how to write a resume that is targeted for your ideal company. 

What if I need more support with my job search?

If you need more support, you might consider joining the Career Intensive which includes:

- group calls every two weeks 
- new membership only content monthly based on community requests
- discounted 1-1 coaching with me
- a resume review

You get a $150 discount on the Career Intensive when you buy this course.