Resume Review by Kerri Twigg

Resume Review

Customized Resume Review Service

Launches on January 6th, 2020

Want to know what your resume is saying about you? And why you aren't landing jobs you are qualified for?

I know I used to want to know that too.

I'd ask successful family members for feedback, they said it looked good.
I asked my friend's who worked in HR, they said it was good.
I showed the bus driver, and he was like....why are you showing me that?

Because I just wanted feedback, so I could make it better. 

My eyes and brains on your resume

Let me put my eyes and brain on your underperforming resume, so you start getting nervous about job interviews. (I help with those too, actually).

Wanna' see what it'll look like?

You'll get a customized resume video where I walk through every section of your resume, and let you know what works, what is missing and what you need to add.

I'll send you the resources to fix it up too. 

What's included:

* A video walkthrough of your resume including a resume analysis (what impresson your current resume is giving off)

* Specific areas you need to improve

* Resources like worksheets, videos, samples, and/or articles to fix your specific resume issue

* I'll review all the above with the tone of wanting you to look awesome on paper. No judgement, just direct advice and ideas to try. 

How it works:

1. Purchase the review to access the short intake questionnaire (so I can understand your search to date). Send that, along with your resume plus 1-2 sample job postings, you would like to apply for. 
2. I'll review the form, and record a video-walk through of your resume within 24 hours of your booking. 
3. I'll send you the resume review, suggested edits, and resources to get it fixed up. 

4. You take the critique with open eyes, make the changes and start feeling proud of your resume. 

Easy peasy.

Nice things people say about me.

I am writing this recommendation from the heart. Kerri doesn’t do templates; she takes the the time to get to know you- what you’re good at, what your passions are, what your dream job is - and she will write the best custom resume and help you find your voice. 

If you ever need help drafting your resume or getting the best out of your career stories, Kerri is your go to person. She’s passionate about her work and her passion is reflected in the results. 

I hope she gets to help a lot of people since that gives her the power to be amazing!
Ana Dima
The review was very helpful. I am going through each of the point step-by-step. You helped me to see where I can make this better. 
Anonymous Andy

I help people use their stories to land ideal work. And if they don't know what kind of job, I help with that too. Stories + Job Search Strategy

I'm Kerri, I am a LinkedIn Top Voice in Management and Workplace, and a contributing author to the Amazon best-selling resume book - YOUMap. ( I wrote six pages of the resume section) and named the #1 Career Coach to follow on LinkedIn by Job Scan.

All that is cool and fancy. 

The reason I get those opportunities was by sharing my story and strengths intentionally. I would like to help you to do the same. It'll look different on you. 

I help people use their stories to  land ideal work.  I have helped people find and hone their stories for over 20 years, first as a drama instructor and playwright, and now as a Career Coach working with mid-level to senior professionals all over the world.

I have a B.A in Drama in Education (so my videos are fun!), a M.Ed (so I know how to teach), a HR Certificate (I know how hiring managers are trained) and am a Certified Resume Strategist.