Setting up and growing your LinkedIn company page by Kerri Twigg

Setting up and growing your LinkedIn company page

If you're only using your personal page on LinkedIn, but you have a business, you're missing out.

The LinkedIn of three years ago has changed, and so has the way your company shows up there.

When I was named a LinkedIn Top Voice in 2018 (in the top 10 of 61 million people writing about workplaces and careers), all you needed was a personal page. 

Since then LinkedIn has given more attention to the business pages.

A few months ago I started paying attention to my company page on LinkedIn. I started sharing content, commenting as my business and I was impressed with the traction it was making.  I went from under 500 followers to 1770 in about 2 months. 

It was a new place to share older content with people, but also to promote offers that were penalized on my personal account. 

The place where you don't get penalized for external links or selling.

Have you ever noticed that when you share an external link to an article. Or link to a product you're selling, how it doesn't get much traction on LinkedIn?

And then how the rest of your posts that week get low views too?

That's because LinkedIn doesn't want you selling or taking people away from LinkedIn. But...we still want to drive traffic to our offerings and resources. 

The answer is LinkedIn Company Page

The beauty of building a company page is that you still get to show up as you on your personal page, but you can also promote specific offers through your company page.

This one-hour class will  show you what I've been doing to grow my company page and treat it as the beauty it is.

There is word that LinkedIn will be paying more attention to company pages moving forward, so why not get it set up in advance and start getting a following.

See you in class.