The art of the SOAR story by Kerri Twigg
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The art of the SOAR story

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The art of the SOAR story video
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We all know we're supposed to tell SOAR stories

Every job seeker hears quickly that to actually land the interview, you need to tell SOAR stories, or even STAR stories.

SOAR is a formula. A smart formula. But even smart formulas can be finessed.

It can be frustrating to land interviews and use the recommended SOAR method but not land the job.

In this one hour class I'll teach you how to:

- make your SOAR story even stronger
- make your SOAR stories memorable through classic storytelling methods
- use an easy system to know which story to tell and when to tell it

Anyone can tell a great story, even using the SOAR method. I'll teach you how.