Using Story to Find Your Strengths by Kerri Twigg

Using Story to Find Your Strengths

A step-by-step process to uncover your unique strengths


The core of the Career Stories Method

This is the first step in the Career Stories Method to finding your career brand and strengths.

This class introduces you to the method of defining what is incredible about you and the work you do. Once you know this, you're golden.

Knowing your career stories:

  • helps you understand and know yourself.
  • allows you to know exactly where you are suited to work and make a difference.
  • ensures that you show up consistently and are in-charge of your reputation.
  • helps people and companies understand your work and how it benefits them.
  • prepares you for opportunities, like promotions and collaborations. 
  • opens doors you never even knew were open to you.

Take this class to start the Carer Stories Method. It will help you to identify what makes you awesome and what strengths you'll promote to employers and customers.

What's included?

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