TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF: the masterclass by Kerri Twigg

TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF: the masterclass

My favorite part of the interview

My very favorite part of the interview is when they say, "tell me about yourself." 


This is the place where you lay the seeds for everything you'll back up later in the interview.  

It's where you can seal making a  great first impression & get the interviewer thinking, "I AM SO GLAD WE ARE INTERVIEWING THIS PERSON." 


It's easy to mess this one up. I've heard of people that:

  •  talk about their personal life
  • tell an old script that has nothing to do with the job they are going for
  • tell a long-winded answer that just lists titles and dates and is boring to listen to
  • make it so short they completely undersell themselves
  • tell irrelevant stories
  • think they can "wing it" and then freeze instead
  • say it robotically
  • don't understand how important this answer is

This question is really asking this:

Sum up for us what your strategic advantage is and what it can do for us. 


It sets the tone for the entire interview. If you give a long-winded or irrelevant answer, you're sending the signal that you're not the right candidate. If you mess this one up, you have to say SEVEN awesome answers to get back to neutral. And sometimes, interviews will be cut short if the first impresssion is not strong enough. Unfair, I know. But...if they think everyone is just wasting their time, why wouldn't they?

If you can get this answer right, it'll boost your confidence and set you at ease for the rest of the interview. You can be deliberate about what you share and highlight. You can set the who entire tone just by nailing this answer. 

You can nail this answer

You can be incredible at your interview.

You can show up as yourself. Speak as you do. Use your own words. Share your favorite stories. And leave the interviewers excited about you.   Once you know the methods to prepare for answering this question, you'll be confident talking about yourself to anyone. 

It's not bragging. It's helping others to see how you help them. 

You've got this.


- Why this question is asked and how it is assessed by hiring people (I'll share what I learned in my HR training)

- A 5 step process for creating a Tell Me About Yourself

- Master storytelling methods to use to leave an impression with the interviewer

- How to practice this answer so you know it, but it comes off as new every time


- One class recording (1 hour in length)

- A worksheet to support the learning from the class

- An additional five-step guide to answering this question

- A sample script for inspiration

* price is in USD