How to tell interesting and memorable stories (to grow your career or business) by Kerri Twigg

How to tell interesting and memorable stories (to grow your career or business)

We all know that stories are important.

It is not news that we need to tell stories if we want to be remembered. 

But how to tell them?

Using story as a strategy is different than sharing stories around a fire with friends. Career stories are more technical, they have an edge, they have heart and they move people to action -- to hire you.

In this masterclass, I'll walk you through the kind of stories your ideal people will find memorable and how to tell them. 

This includes:

- how to control what people remember about you and your story aka the power of sticky details

- classic story telling methods you can start using immediately

- how to know where to start and end your story

- creating a story strategy to grow your career or business


My dad was the best storyteller I've even known. He told stories that I still remember. They felt like a gift. I thought I could never tell a story as well as him. In one way, it's true. He has a story style that demanded attention but he didn't have to work for it. It told his stories slow and low. We all hung onto them.

I tell my stories with whimsey and ethusiasm. People don't always remember the details, but they remember the energy. 

I can help you figure out your story style and then how to use it to grow your career.

This class is one hour on July 16th at noon CST. Attend live and/or get the recording following class. 


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