The Art of the Side Hustle by Kerri Twigg

Build something awesome on the side without losing your day job.

There is a way to launch a side-hustle that adds to your life (without overwhelming you or having you lose your job).

In this class I teach you how to start a side hustle, & how to navigate & market them without losing your day job. 

Side Hustles I've had

 1. A freelance arts administrator. I knew arts organizations got seasonal funding for projects. I would get hired by multiple arts orgs to do their books, mailing lists and coordinate small projects.

2. Ebay Power Seller. I bought and sold vintage clothes.

3. Drama Teacher. I had a day job doing accounting (I know...but it was at a radio station, so it worked). I taught classes in the evenings and weekends.

4. Etsy Seller. First as "TwiggTops" where I made baby pants out of recycled sweaters and handknit the tops, and then as "Twigg Vintage". I did this when I worked as a career transition consultant because I still wanted to do something artsy.

5. Career Coach. I did this alongside my government job until it grew big enough to be my only business.


I've always had a side hustle.

I've always done something on the side of my day job and understand how to build one & have it just be a hobby. And how to build one to someday be your main gig. 

There is an absolute difference in how you set up a side hustle. In this class I teach you what to consider when setting up a side hustle (including when to tell your boss) and how to launch it. 

The Art of the Side Hustle

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