The Ultimate Everything Job Search Bundle by Kerri Twigg

The Ultimate Everything Job Search Bundle

What's included?

Crafting Career Experiments

Do you know the secret of successful careers? People test things out. They see their work as a constant experiment, where they try out projects, ideas and skills. You can do this whether you are employed or unemployed. If part of your 2019 plan is to breathe life and meaning into your career, Kerri will teach you why it's important to experiment, how to do it and how to assess the results.

Make a Career Plan (you'll actually follow)

Knowing you want a career change and taking steps to land are two different things. Imagine creating a career plan that was a joy to follow & got you the job .

Resume Bootcamp

Yes, you can write a resume in a weekend.

TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF: the masterclass

The art of the SOAR story

The Career Mapping Master Class

This master class shows you how to find career patterns that keep you stuck and held back in your career. This workshop helps you reveal patterns in your career that are hidden to you. And they're often the reasons you: - have the same conversations over and over -- even at different companies - end up doing projects and work you dread - undervalue your work - feel stuck, but not sure what to do next It's a career mapping workshop. Career mapping is a process of looking at the jobs we had (have). And why we took them, why we left them, and what it can teach us about future career moves. We'll draw out our career histories and investigate patterns that keep popping up in our careers that don't serve us. Bring paper and pens (or markers) with you.

the final stage of interview

Using Story to Find Your Strengths

Don't start your search from looking at what jobs are available. Doing that can do this to your career: - limits yourself by what is available right now - defines and boxes you into a role, without paying attention to what you need in your next role. If you left a job because you were unsatisfied, you are repeating history - hinders your ability to show your uniqueness. If you're not landing roles where you think "but I am perfect, I had all the qualifications", that's the problem. Instead, start with your stories. Use your work accomplishment stories to show your strengths, and then find work that involves your skills. This master class shows you how to mine your stories to find your strengths. 

Using video in your job search

Writing Effective Authentic Cover Letters

Write an attention-getting, vibrant cover letter that lands you job interviews.

Your Intentional LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn success is not about optimized profiles. It's about how you show up, what you want and connection. If you want to stop feeling unsure about what to write or post. If you want to know what to say to people to build connection faster and more honestly, I've got your back. This isn't a "get famous quick" class. It's a guide on how to bring the most awesome parts of you to this platform with intention, grace, and joy. As a coach, LinkedIn is my source for new business & relationships. I do it without hype. You can too.