Creating a Video Series That Confirms Your Expert Status by Kerri Twigg

Creating a Video Series That Confirms Your Expert Status

Video can be a bit magical for careers

It is the most exciting time to be alive and looking to grow your career. Never before have we had the opportunity to create and share content so easily. Content that can reach our ideal clients or businesses.

I grew my reputation by doing great work. 
I made it even stronger by creating written posts.
I took it to the next level when I started to do video.

My first video series was on LinkedIn. It was called #30daysofresume, and it changed my life. It allowed me to showcase my knowledge, personality and expertise in a way that helped my target audience. But because the videos were so entertaining I had hundreds of people say, "I'm not looking for a job or writing a resume, but your videos are a joy to watch."  It expanded my brand to a whole new audience that hadn't noticed me before.

That's what we want.  To create a video series that delights, hooks and helps our ideal people. 

In this class, you will learn how to:

- choose a video series topic
- the pros and cons of daily series
- which video series strategies work better for job seekers, and which are best for entrepreneurs
- how to build it without burning out
- and the best way I know for ensuring the content is relevant for your people